Hello Sailor! 5 Cute Vintage Inspired Outfits for Warm Weather

Warmer weather means more vintage clothes is worn from my closet! I have way more summer vintage than for any other season, and I was hoping to change that this past winter, but no luck so far. Anyhow, living on Britain’s seaside, and my love for nautical fashions (thanks Coco Chanel), I simply had to compile my finds for creating the perfect nautical outfit.

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Hello everyone!

It’s Sunday evening, and I was browsing the web, gathering info for my new post, and while distracted with Etsy, I realized, I wrote a guest post for We Heart Vintage, and I never shared it on my blog! I really enjoy writing longer blog pieces and having to do research, and of course sharing my tips.


You can find the blog post “10 Vintage Buying Tips for Beginners” HERE.


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10 Gorgeous Shoes From B.A.I.T.

Great shoes really bring an outfit together. For us vintage loving gals, finding the right shoe to complement your look is essential. With Spring almost at our doorstep it’s the perfect time to stock up on lovely shoes to complement all those dresses!

I am not sure how I stumbled on B.A.I.T (but another innocent tale), but I am sure glad I did! Their creator,  Julie Kim keeps the designs not only vegan friendly but also very much vintage inspired. I often find myself swooning over vintage shoes, but often disappointed in their price, condition, and of course size. In this case that’s something you don’t need to worry about and the color options are absolutely fantastic! Here are my 10 picks and wishlist items (hint, hint 😉 ). And note, some of these fabulous shoes are on sale!!

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I Wrote an EBook!

Hello everyone!

I’ve been busy working on this ebook, titled “A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Vintage”. Its 33 pages long, including:

  • Important definitions all the vintage gals need to know
  • 20 great tips when shopping for vintage items in person & online
  • Recommended online shops from Ebay & Etsy where you’ll find gorgeous vintage clothing
  • Info for starter vintage gals
  • Lists of vintage inspired clothing, shoes, beauty and cosmetics
  • You’ll love reading this even if you’re a pro 😉
  • Did I mention its free?

Is there a catch? No, to get the book, all you have to do is sign up to my Monthly Stunning Finds Newsletter. Its jam packet with finds, events from around the world, and much more!


Please check it out, and I would love to hear your feedback, whether its about the tips, or if you know of other great shops.

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October Vintage Outfit

Happy (early) Saturday!

Really exciting day ahead! My hubby and I are heading off to our second Estate Sale in our neighborhood. This one sounds really appealing (50 years of stuff). I’m not looking for anything in particular, but it’s always great to find some interesting bits. 🙂 Speaking of finds, I’ve put together the outfit of the month. I’ve mentioned how much I love Halloween and the month of October altogether in my October Update post, the colors of the leaves, the cooler weather! This outfit is inspired by the most glorious fall color: ORANGE! I have recently purchased my first orange lipstick from Lime Crime, which I adore, as well as eye liner. I wouldn’t wear the two together, but it’s great to add the two to my collection.

The dress I selected here is a gorgeous maxi dress from the 60’s, which surprised me, since many of the dresses I come across from this era, are above the knee. I love the gold button details and bow. I wouldn’t wear too much jewelry with it, except for a bracelet, so I chose a carved Bakelite one. Shoes wise, I did want to throw in a pair of moderate platform shoes, I could just imagine them, but my imagination didn’t translate in to a find, but, these lovely 60s pumps by “Suburbans, the Inside Story Shoe” are season appropriate, and look very comfy. To finish it off, a striped clutch from the 40s rounds up the lovely color palette of Autumn.

october vintage outfit

To find these lovely picks, head over to my Etsy Treasury!

Fall in to Accessories: Brooches

jewelry store with brooches advertBurma advert

Brooches, or fibula, date back all the way to the Bronze Age (think Greek people wearing robes and brooches would keep their outfits together). They were made from different materials such as silver, gold, and other metals. Jumping to the Victorian era, brooches took to the next level, with human hair and photos being included in them, making some brooches part of the mourning jewelry. I mainly see the older generations wearing brooches, and of course people with a passion for vintage. With the colder months approaching, I think this fall transitioning period is perfect to add a little brooch to complete your look. Here are some lovely brooches I found:

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August Vintage Outfit Two

Hello there!

As the lovely cooler weather slowly creeps in, you can start incorporating some fall colors in to your wardrobe. I, for one, don’t really have too many brown toned items, just some cords and a shawl. I was, therefore, really excited when I stumbled across this super cute dress, and decided to make it the August Vintage outfit, part two!

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August Vintage Outfit One

Happy Friday!

In July, I did not post an outfit of the month, I tried but just didn’t get inspired by any pieces. So this month I will do a two part outfit posting which will have this lovely outfit below and one later this month, which will transition in to the fall vintage fashions.

I really cannot believe that its already August. Time has flown by so quickly! I’ve been prepping my saved items on etsy to include the warmer items, such as jackets and longer skirts, but while this summer season is still winding down, I found a lovely shirt dress and accessories which are too lovely for words:

August Vintage Look

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