September Vintage Outfit

Hi everyone!

I had a lot of fun putting this outfit together! I just love the idea of dressing up in the theme of a fruit, in this case a strawberry!

september curated vintage by the vintage cat

Though the dress has some flowers on the bottom, it really reminded me of the yummy fruit. I stumbled upon the crochet purse, which has the wooden handle engraved and colored with strawberries, a set of gorgeous scalloped Bakelite bracelets, the cool Bakelite pin, and of course the simple and comfy shoes. I actually have the same pair in a creamy white color. If you do buy vintage shoes, you might already know this, but definitely take them to a shoe fixer person, since the first time I wore these, the bottom literally peeled off the shoes. It needed some basic reinforcing before wearing, and the shoe fixer people know this very well. 🙂

You can definitely throw a cardigan of your choice to keep warm, and put the brooch on the cardigan instead of the dress.

All of these lovely items can be found in my Etsy Treasury list: HERE. I also added a few other accessory ideas.

Hope you like the outfit!

the vintage catxx


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