August Vintage Outfit Two

Hello there!

As the lovely cooler weather slowly creeps in, you can start incorporating some fall colors in to your wardrobe. I, for one, don’t really have too many brown toned items, just some cords and a shawl. I was, therefore, really excited when I stumbled across this super cute dress, and decided to make it the August Vintage outfit, part two!

August Vintage outfit number two

Here we have a gorgeous brown and white Gingham Dress. The colors are lovely and very transitional, meanwhile the floral details on the button and the short sleeves still work perfectly on those warmer days. I found the cute woven bow flats to match the dress, but the style of the dress allows for many different choices for footwear. As for the purse, well this one is super cute! The bright green grapes will give the outfit a pop of color. If you go to the treasury list, I added a few options for the jewelry. Bakelite bangles of various colors and some green or butterscotch studs will really complete the outfit. Check out my Etsy Treasury List HERE.


Thanks for looking,


the vintage cat



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