October Vintage Outfit

Happy (early) Saturday!

Really exciting day ahead! My hubby and I are heading off to our second Estate Sale in our neighborhood. This one sounds really appealing (50 years of stuff). I’m not looking for anything in particular, but it’s always great to find some interesting bits. 🙂 Speaking of finds, I’ve put together the outfit of the month. I’ve mentioned how much I love Halloween and the month of October altogether in my October Update post, the colors of the leaves, the cooler weather! This outfit is inspired by the most glorious fall color: ORANGE! I have recently purchased my first orange lipstick from Lime Crime, which I adore, as well as eye liner. I wouldn’t wear the two together, but it’s great to add the two to my collection.

The dress I selected here is a gorgeous maxi dress from the 60’s, which surprised me, since many of the dresses I come across from this era, are above the knee. I love the gold button details and bow. I wouldn’t wear too much jewelry with it, except for a bracelet, so I chose a carved Bakelite one. Shoes wise, I did want to throw in a pair of moderate platform shoes, I could just imagine them, but my imagination didn’t translate in to a find, but, these lovely 60s pumps by “Suburbans, the Inside Story Shoe” are season appropriate, and look very comfy. To finish it off, a striped clutch from the 40s rounds up the lovely color palette of Autumn.

october vintage outfit

To find these lovely picks, head over to my Etsy Treasury!

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