Fall in to Accessories: Brooches

jewelry store with brooches advertBurma advert

Brooches, or fibula, date back all the way to the Bronze Age (think Greek people wearing robes and brooches would keep their outfits together). They were made from different materials such as silver, gold, and other metals. Jumping to the Victorian era, brooches took to the next level, with human hair and photos being included in them, making some brooches part of the mourning jewelry. I mainly see the older generations wearing brooches, and of course people with a passion for vintage. With the colder months approaching, I think this fall transitioning period is perfect to add a little brooch to complete your look. Here are some lovely brooches I found:

brooch 1brooch 2brooch 3brooch 4brooch 5brooch 6brooch 7brooch 8brooch 9brooch 10brooch 11brooch 12brooch 13brooch 14brooch 15brooch 16

All of these gorgeous beauties can be found in my Etsy treasure list HERE.

If you like wearing head scarves, you can pin one of these in to your scarf, or you can pin this on your purse, and you can also pin it to a scarf you have on your neck. The possibilities are almost endless, and will all look very lovely.

the vintage catxx


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