Vintage Movie Night – With a Little Pampering!

Hello my vintage lovers!

Hope everyone is enjoying the first weeks of the autumn season! It is my favorite time of the year and at the same time my least favorite. I love the cooler temperatures (not too cold, not too hot), the leaves changing, and Halloween season! I also love Thanksgiving (though sadly I may not be celebrating it this year, since the UK doesn’t have it, I may need to make a giant dinner with turkey anyways).

Where was I? Oh yes, cooler weather may keep you indoors a bit more, but my least favorite part is the earlier sunsets, feels like night time, but it is only 4pm! What is my favorite way of dealing with this? Watching movies of course! I have all my modern shows I watch, and ones hubby and I watch, I can do a separate post on them another time.

I also really enjoy little pampering, such as a beauty treatment: DIY face or hair mask; refreshing that polish on the fingers (toes get a little break in the winter). I also like a nice cup of tea, maybe some cookies or baked goodies (in moderation 😉 ) and a fabulous film from the bygone era!

I would love to do an installment on the blog featuring some of the classic titles, a little bit about the films, and a few tips suggesting the pampering you can do while enjoying the film.

In terms of what type of films I enjoy, genre wise, romance, comedy, mystery, and sci-fi are my usual choices. I used to watch more horror films, but the modern ones, are a bit too much for me, for the most part. Not many made these days (none really), but westerns, spaghetti westerns to be specific, I like, of course for the cowboy action and great music! I hope to include an array of genres and that you’ll enjoy these films and the pampering that goes with it!

Stay tuned for the first vintage movie night and a little pampering later this week!

Drive-in theater 19505


The Vintage Cat Update: More Purchases!


It’s been a busy few weeks for me! A few failed interviews, some organizing of our living space, catching up on laundry and in the midst of everything, having a hair identity crisis (so long it needs a separate post)! I’ve also went shopping crazy and bought a few bits here and there including a gorgeous 1930s silk bell sleeve blouse, a hand brooch and a lovely made in Germany necklace that looks like it is from the 60’s. Hubby got me some Miss L Fire sandals for our 1 year wedding anniversary, they are perfect!

Now before I begin, I wanted to point you to my EBook. I am buying a lot, but I am not breaking the bank. It takes time to get an eye for valuable items, and majority of vintage sellers out there, know what they’re selling. It is becoming more common for people to know what something is worth, thanks to the internet age. With that said, it doesn’t mean you will not find great things for equally great prices, but I always keep in mind that if I think I’m getting a deal, the person I am buying from is still somehow making a profit from the sale, which means, technically its not a deal at all… and you could only imagine what they paid for it! I will definitely do a post on buying for purpose and not because its cute (which you will see below, I have done, I’ll mark those with * and we will come back to that in the end of this hefty post!

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Six Essential Prints Every Vintage Wardrobe Needs

Who doesn’t love a little bit of leopard print (or A LOT of leopard print?). It’s always great to have solid key pieces in your wardrobe because they are extremely versatile. The colors of these key pieces also must be neutral enough to mix and match… BUT there a few essential prints that are great to have in your wardrobe. These prints are very popular whether they are vintage, reproduction vintage or modern clothing, so it makes it that much easier to get your hands on them!

Here are six prints that are a essential in every gals wardrobe. You’ll probably be surprised with the fact you’ll have many of these!

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Autumn Vintage Finds Part II: Books, Brooches & More


Here is part two of my autumn haul! Now remember, it only looks like all I’ve been doing is shopping 😉 It’s only when I began documenting my recent buys that I realized that it might appear like a whole lot of stuff. It will be fun packing all this stuff up in the near future!

I love finding vintage cookbooks and books in general. I love the color of the paper and the old book smell! You will see that hubby and I found a handful of old books!

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Autumn Vintage Finds Part I: Vintage Clothing

Hi everyone!

It’s been some time since I’ve done a post on my vintage finds! I sure have been busy (buying)! 😉 The last post I did was technically my post, “Long Island Flea” way back in August! Since then, my hubby and I have been searching the web and going out to shops, estate sales, flea markets, in order to check out what’s out there, but to also add to my wardrobe.

Slowly but surely, I am finding lovely pieces that are versatile and great quality! If you haven’t already, consider signing up to my Stunning Vintage Finds Newsletter. I search for cool stuff, and you get it right in your inbox, oh and did I mention my FREE Ebook? It has all a vintage loving gal needs to know, check out my previous post, “I Wrote An EBook” & sign up!

I have a few new clothing items including a gorgeous velvet pencil skirt, as you’ll see in the photo below:

the vintage cat in fromt of Tea and Sympathy

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I Wrote an EBook!

Hello everyone!

I’ve been busy working on this ebook, titled “A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Vintage”. Its 33 pages long, including:

  • Important definitions all the vintage gals need to know
  • 20 great tips when shopping for vintage items in person & online
  • Recommended online shops from Ebay & Etsy where you’ll find gorgeous vintage clothing
  • Info for starter vintage gals
  • Lists of vintage inspired clothing, shoes, beauty and cosmetics
  • You’ll love reading this even if you’re a pro 😉
  • Did I mention its free?

Is there a catch? No, to get the book, all you have to do is sign up to my Monthly Stunning Finds Newsletter. Its jam packet with finds, events from around the world, and much more!


Please check it out, and I would love to hear your feedback, whether its about the tips, or if you know of other great shops.

the vintage catxx

Your Vintage Home: Hallway

vintage hallway

Hello all!

When you enter someone’s home, whether they are renting a flat or they own their own house or flat, you first impression of their living space is created by this small space, the hallway. Other hallways exist, such as ones which lead you from room to room or floor to floor, etc. Either way, these spaces, however big or small, are fun to fill with some vintage items which will make the space your own. Here are some of my favourite picks:

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Your Vintage Home: The Bathroom

bathroomHello all!

Now on to the third installment of the series, the least pleasant place to clean in the house: the bathroom. I definitely like to keep our bathroom as minimal as possible. If we had a better ventilation system and an actual window in our bathroom (we have a small one that goes in to an exhaust like/chimney vent up to the roof), which does absolutely nothing, and no natural light. I would love to get some plants in the bathroom.

Otherwise, in terms of storage and help keep the bathroom clean, I found that less is more, we do get some things in bulk, such as shaving cream or q tips, so I put those on top of the little bathroom cupboard of in to the pantry closet. I do have a few beauty products, mainly face and hair, I organize them neatly on the shelve unit, which was the only thing we could really fit in the bathroom for additional storage. Also I have a giant lidded jar, which I put cotton balls in to.

The less items you have out, the less items you will have to dust! I kept that in mind when I found these lovely items. I definitely focused on lighting and wall decor, since it brings a little personality to a typically boring place! Check them out:

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