Hair Identity Crisis Resolved


I’ve had a hair identity crisis. After my birthday in January, something possessed me to dye my hair a dark blonde. Then light brown. Then cherry red. With my hair cut in to an angled bob also in early January, my hair definitely was healthy, but with all the coloring, it’s breaking a bit again. I’ve been doing hair masks, but on top of that, my blow dryer didn’t work here in the UK, my straightener stopped working, and my Conair Hot Sticks also did not work. For a few weeks while my straightener worked, I just straightened my hair… without any heat protecting spray, just some hair oil and leave in treatment. Straw hair galore!

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The Vintage Cat Update

Happy Sunday!

My graduation is this upcoming week! Really looking forward to it! I’ve already lined up my outfit, which I will post soon, it will consist of the lovely Bettie Page skirt I posted previously and this lovely silk shirt I got from Etsy. As for shoes, I have a lovely pair or small wedge, black patent leather sandals from Nine West, which accent on the black outline of the shirt. My hair has experienced some trauma, since I posted last about my hair, I went on to trying to achieve the pastel purple look, and unluckily ran out of hair dye mid-process, panicked, went to buy a different brand and color, and ended up with a patchy head or lilac, purple, blonde, pink, and yellow hair. I tried the Vitamin C method and the shampoo bleaching to get the color out, and now have a very light pinkish-peachy head of hair. NEVER AGAIN will I experiment with hair color without going to the hair salon. Bleaching to light blonde, yes, coloring random colors, definite no. I guess my main issue was that even though I applied the color evenly, the end result was not even at all. And this is me trying to put a scarf to conceal the patchiness! I’ve already used the Vitamin C method twice when this picture was taken:


My widow’s peak is super prominent here. Also, the hair color does look pretty in the picture, but trust me, in real life, patchy horror show!

Here’s a webcam photo:


Anyhow, I am hoping to bleach it back to blonde before this upcoming Thursday, and still want to get the ombré hair coloring, so I don’t have to bleach my roots anymore, but as I’ve mentioned before, I think I will let professionals do the coloring.

Has anyone else experience patchy hair coloring results? Please share your stories below!

The Vintage Cat