November Vintage Outfit

Happy Monday!

Finally, here is the outfit of the month!


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Autumn Vintage Finds Part I: Vintage Clothing

Hi everyone!

It’s been some time since I’ve done a post on my vintage finds! I sure have been busy (buying)! πŸ˜‰ The last post I did was technically my post, “Long Island Flea” way back in August! Since then, my hubby and I have been searching the web and going out to shops, estate sales, flea markets, in order to check out what’s out there, but to also add to my wardrobe.

Slowly but surely, I am finding lovely pieces that are versatile and great quality! If you haven’t already, consider signing up to my Stunning Vintage Finds Newsletter. I search for cool stuff, and you get it right in your inbox, oh and did I mention my FREE Ebook? It has all a vintage loving gal needs to know, check out my previous post, “I Wrote An EBook” & sign up!

I have a few new clothing items including a gorgeous velvet pencil skirt, as you’ll see in the photo below:

the vintage cat in fromt of Tea and Sympathy

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October Vintage Outfit

Happy (early) Saturday!

Really exciting day ahead! My hubby and I are heading off to our second Estate Sale in our neighborhood. This one sounds really appealing (50 years of stuff). I’m not looking for anything in particular, but it’s always great to find some interesting bits. πŸ™‚ Speaking of finds, I’ve put together the outfit of the month. I’ve mentioned how much I love Halloween and the month of October altogether in my October Update post, the colors of the leaves, the cooler weather! This outfit is inspired by the most glorious fall color: ORANGE! I have recently purchased my first orange lipstick from Lime Crime, which I adore, as well as eye liner. I wouldn’t wear the two together, but it’s great to add the two to my collection.

The dress I selected here is a gorgeous maxi dress from the 60’s, which surprised me, since many of the dresses I come across from this era, are above the knee. I love the gold button details and bow. I wouldn’t wear too much jewelry with it, except for a bracelet, so I chose a carved Bakelite one. Shoes wise, I did want to throw in a pair of moderate platform shoes, I could just imagine them, but my imagination didn’t translate in to a find, but, these lovely 60s pumps by “Suburbans, the Inside Story Shoe” are season appropriate, and look very comfy. To finish it off, a striped clutch from the 40s rounds up the lovely color palette of Autumn.

october vintage outfit

To find these lovely picks, head over to my Etsy Treasury!

Summer Vintage Finds

I started this blog in April and bam! It’s already August. I’m looking forward to revamping my fall wardrobe to include more vintage and vintage inspired items. I’ve noticed I tend to go on hauls of items, the most recent being purses from the 1920s via EBay. I’ve also done some shopping in Century 21 and on Etsy; and not to forget, when my hubby and I went away last weekend I also picked up a lovely piece for my vanity.

I’m trying to keep away from buying accessories and focusing on my wardrobe. With that, the problem of spending a stands. Many items I’m dying to get my hands on, cost my two weeks pay… For one item. Especially since I’m looking for a new coat and warm clothes now. So what I do is endlessly browse for the items of interest. I stumble upon more clothes than one gal needs, so I got to thinking about how could I share these things with others? I came up with the solution : do a monthly newsletter with some of my favorite finds. Also if I get suggestions to look for specific item of interest and price range, I’d love to look in to it for you. πŸ™‚ How could anyone resist? I’d love to get vintage goodies sent to my inbox every month! Here’s the link to sign up.

The Vintage CatI am the Vintage Cat. Wanted to show my cat eyeliner skills, but look like I am a sleeping cat πŸ˜‰

Moving on to my finds this month. It will seem like I have gone on a shopping binge. I think otherwise. None of these items were above $50, which I think is great, and each one is original and I couldn’t resist. I’ll start with the vintage items first.

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Autumn Style Inspiration: Dita Von Teese

Maybe speaking about her and mentioning her is a faux pas. I mean she’s everywhere I look, but one thing is for sure: she’s very stylish. She dresses lovely not only to the gym but even to the grocery store. When you only have pretty things in your closet, you wear only pretty things. With this in mind, I am working on creating a stylish closet filled with only nice things. Here are some of her cooler weather outfits which will never go out of style and are my inspirations for the fall:

Dita Von Teese Fall ispiration by The Vintage Cat
Photos courtesy of: Pocket Venus

Do you ladies have a style inspiration either a modern one or a vintage one?


August Vintage Outfit One

Happy Friday!

In July, I did not post an outfit of the month, I tried but just didn’t get inspired by any pieces. So this month I will do a two part outfit posting which will have this lovely outfit below and one later this month, which will transition in to the fall vintage fashions.

I really cannot believe that its already August. Time has flown by so quickly! I’ve been prepping my saved items on etsy to include the warmer items, such as jackets and longer skirts, but while this summer season is still winding down, I found a lovely shirt dress and accessories which are too lovely for words:

August Vintage Look

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6 Best Vintage Shops on Etsy

I’m always raving about Etsy, you can find so many great things on there, people make some amazing hand-made stuff from all around the world. I do know of people who love ebay, and I like it for some things, just not clothes. I’ve only won 2 clothing bids, and both times I was a bit disappointed. A couple of my friends always raved about the amazing steals they found, maybe I need to look in to which ebay sellers have the goods that are truly steals. I haven’t seen a post on that yet, but I thought it would be helpful to list some of my favourite Etsy Vintage shops to introduce you to their amazing products. One thing I love about vintage is that the stock is always different, and you rarely find two of the same anything. You create a wardrobe that is truly unique. I will list the shops name and link, and my favourite piece in the shop currently.

lady with bags and cigphoto source:

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