Hello Sailor! 5 Cute Vintage Inspired Outfits for Warm Weather

Warmer weather means more vintage clothes is worn from my closet! I have way more summer vintage than for any other season, and I was hoping to change that this past winter, but no luck so far. Anyhow, living on Britain’s seaside, and my love for nautical fashions (thanks Coco Chanel), I simply had to compile my finds for creating the perfect nautical outfit.

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Style Inspiration: Mae West, Sex Symbol

May West:

– The original blonde bombshell with an hourglass figure.
– Known for her double entendres.
– Her figure attributed to Elsa Schiaparelli creating a perfume called “Shocking” because of her proportions.
– Her style in her movies, all those gorgeous gowns and jewels…

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Hair Identity Crisis Resolved


I’ve had a hair identity crisis. After my birthday in January, something possessed me to dye my hair a dark blonde. Then light brown. Then cherry red. With my hair cut in to an angled bob also in early January, my hair definitely was healthy, but with all the coloring, it’s breaking a bit again. I’ve been doing hair masks, but on top of that, my blow dryer didn’t work here in the UK, my straightener stopped working, and my Conair Hot Sticks also did not work. For a few weeks while my straightener worked, I just straightened my hair… without any heat protecting spray, just some hair oil and leave in treatment. Straw hair galore!

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The Vintage Cat Update: More Purchases!


It’s been a busy few weeks for me! A few failed interviews, some organizing of our living space, catching up on laundry and in the midst of everything, having a hair identity crisis (so long it needs a separate post)! I’ve also went shopping crazy and bought a few bits here and there including a gorgeous 1930s silk bell sleeve blouse, a hand brooch and a lovely made in Germany necklace that looks like it is from the 60’s. Hubby got me some Miss L Fire sandals for our 1 year wedding anniversary, they are perfect!

Now before I begin, I wanted to point you to my EBook. I am buying a lot, but I am not breaking the bank. It takes time to get an eye for valuable items, and majority of vintage sellers out there, know what they’re selling. It is becoming more common for people to know what something is worth, thanks to the internet age. With that said, it doesn’t mean you will not find great things for equally great prices, but I always keep in mind that if I think I’m getting a deal, the person I am buying from is still somehow making a profit from the sale, which means, technically its not a deal at all… and you could only imagine what they paid for it! I will definitely do a post on buying for purpose and not because its cute (which you will see below, I have done, I’ll mark those with * and we will come back to that in the end of this hefty post!

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Latest Online Vintage Finds

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post on my finds, so I thought I’d share the latest. I had a super successful shopping experience with Ebay and Etsy before moving over to the UK. Since I’ve been here, I’ve had a slightly difficult time switching my search results to UK based shops on Etsy, to get more reasonable shipping, but I like the larger selection of shop options around the world, that ship internationally. For now, I am saving all that I like, and hopefully when I find a job, I can actually buy all these things… I think I’m a shopaholic (more like I know I am a shopaholic). 😉

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Hello everyone!

It’s Sunday evening, and I was browsing the web, gathering info for my new post, and while distracted with Etsy, I realized, I wrote a guest post for We Heart Vintage, and I never shared it on my blog! I really enjoy writing longer blog pieces and having to do research, and of course sharing my tips.


You can find the blog post “10 Vintage Buying Tips for Beginners” HERE.


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10 Gorgeous Shoes From B.A.I.T.

Great shoes really bring an outfit together. For us vintage loving gals, finding the right shoe to complement your look is essential. With Spring almost at our doorstep it’s the perfect time to stock up on lovely shoes to complement all those dresses!

I am not sure how I stumbled on B.A.I.T (but another innocent tale), but I am sure glad I did! Their creator,  Julie Kim keeps the designs not only vegan friendly but also very much vintage inspired. I often find myself swooning over vintage shoes, but often disappointed in their price, condition, and of course size. In this case that’s something you don’t need to worry about and the color options are absolutely fantastic! Here are my 10 picks and wishlist items (hint, hint 😉 ). And note, some of these fabulous shoes are on sale!!

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Six Essential Prints Every Vintage Wardrobe Needs

Who doesn’t love a little bit of leopard print (or A LOT of leopard print?). It’s always great to have solid key pieces in your wardrobe because they are extremely versatile. The colors of these key pieces also must be neutral enough to mix and match… BUT there a few essential prints that are great to have in your wardrobe. These prints are very popular whether they are vintage, reproduction vintage or modern clothing, so it makes it that much easier to get your hands on them!

Here are six prints that are a essential in every gals wardrobe. You’ll probably be surprised with the fact you’ll have many of these!

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Incredible Colour Film of London from 1927 shot by Claude Frisse-Greene

Here are some things that stood out to me:

  • Many boats in the River of Thames
  • Traffic was directed by a person
  • No road signs or proper lanes
  • Dunlop ad on all the city buses
  • Those two women walking in sync in Hyde Park
  • Women in the loveliest dresses, hats and coats
  • Wendy was the little girl with curls
  • Petticoat lane had many gentlemen in sticking hats and ones who didn’t, had their hair perfectly sleek
  • London has preserved its beauty looking at this footage and knowing what it looked like back in 1927

What else do you guys notice?

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