This Week on the Interweb: 11/21/14

This week is packed with news, from time capsule homes, to amazing shoe collections being discovered, there’s plenty vintage treasures hidden all around us! Also, I am very much looking forward to the upcoming sales that are coming our way. I know many feel like Black Friday is a huge scam, choosing not to shop. I completely agree, to a point.

When I was in my late teens, I went out shopping on Black Friday a couple of times, each time was disappointing. How crazy the people appear, the grabbing, the messes that staff have to deal with afterwards, its awful! Plus, it’s the day after Thanksgiving, everyone should be digesting their delicious dinners from the night before and relaxing. Then there’s Cyber Monday… I am already getting email about it all. I have a good method of dealing with this: if you are shopping for the holidays or birthdays, and know the items you’re looking for, focus your energies on ONLY those items. Hey, even if they’re for you. For example, I have a giant wishlist on Pinterest, if those items go on amazing sales, maybe I will chose to invest in them at that point, otherwise, don’t fall in to the trap of “saving” and getting the best “deals” in town. You’ll end up spending loads more on stuff you didn’t want/need in the first place.

I do believe in small businesses and putting my spending money toward supporting them. You won’t see me going to H&M on a Black Friday again! I rather buy a small piece of vintage jewelry or a frock from the past or repto vintage from small companies who love what they do!

Anyhow, I’d love to hear about any vintage sales you guys may have heard about or any news that I didn’t include in this post! 🙂 Let’s get to it:

Beauty & Fashion

Besame Cosmetic Sets

Besame Cosmetics Announces Holiday Gift Sets & Limited Edition Perfumes – The sets are lovely idea for a present for a birthday or holiday. The perfumes are scents through the decades, starting with 1910 through 1960. I am super intrigued by 1920, 1930, 1950 and 1960… but of course if I could sample all of them, I wouldn’t say no! I hope I can get my hands on them before the sell out! Hurry!

besame fragrance

Lime Crime Sale – Instead of Black Friday, they’re doing this sale event. I know this isn’t exactly vintage, but the colors, especially with the velvetines is especially popular among the vintage crowd.


In general, many companies will be doing sales in these upcoming weeks. I would keep my eyes peeled on social media, emails, etc. Don’t forget to look at your favorite Etsy shops too, FabGabs is one of my favorites, and they’re having a sale. I will try to compile a list of shops and sales this upcoming week!


Vintage Related News

WWI Photography

Photos of Trenches During WWI – a camera was smuggled in by an amateur photographer. These are really amazing shots.


ikea vintage

Ikea is Reissuing 1950s & 1960s Designs – Now you can own a modern, vintage design item from Ikea! Lovely things, I wish they’d always have these!



Lauren Bacall’s 9-Room Dakota Apartment Is On The Market –  Doesn’t surprise me that though it was upraised at 9 million, it went on sale for 26 million. WTF NY real estate system?! Oh and did I mention the maintenance? Oh darling, its only about $12,000 per month… *jaw drops*


Vintage shoe store

Family inherit Old building shoe store FILLED with vintage shoes – Only in my dreams would I actually experience such an event. I hope the family will do something good with them. I will say, I would LOVE to get my hands on a few modern size 8 shoes 😉


kithe pinky heaven

Perfectly Kitchy 1956 Time Capsule Kitchen – Pink! Unused! It is dreamy and a must see! I hope whoever got their hands on it, is taking good care!



1940s Seattle Residence Owned by the same owners for 70 years on the market – It is super dreamy! I love the bathroom and the kitchen. The nautical themed basement really tops this home off! A really lovely inspiration for decor!



Public library of Cincinnati 1874 until 1955 – This was posted back in June, and reposted this today. When I first saw the photographs of this library, it took my breath away! How amazing would it have been to have that place be your local library branch? I would probably move in and never leave. Never ever.



Happy 50th Birthday to the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge – I crossed this bridge many times. The lowest toll I recall on it was about $8. It was $15 when I was in NY last, I think it’s going up by a dollar or already has. Yes, it is less with an EZPass, but seriously, that bridge is outrageously overpriced! Everyone always said that once it has been paid off, it will be free… Yeah right!


Vintage Finds of the Week

This is one gorgeous mid-century lamp! I love everything about it: shape, color scheme and design. I probably would use it a a ceiling light, but I can definitely see it used as a wall light, in the right room layout.

50s lamp fixture

Mid Century brass wall/ceiling Light Fixture ($383.68)


Once again, I stumble upon a set of costume jewelry, that I adore! This one has the perfect autumnal colors of deep blue and golden stones and embedded glitter. This would go perfectly with a deep blue dress or a rich, yellow toned dress. If you’re not one for wearing dresses, Adding a pop of color to a simple outfit of trousers/skirt and blouse will do!

1950s jewelry set

1950s Lucite Chunky Earrings & Necklace (starting bid $30)


Perhaps this dress can go well with that jewelry set? OMG, this dress is a treasure! I have no words, but all I will say that it has no issues! Perfectly intact taffeta, swoon!


1950s Rembrandt Midnight Beaded Collar Taffeta Hostess Dress

1950s Rembrandt Midnight Beaded Collar Taffeta Hostess Dress ($195)


I love a cute pair of earrings as much as the next girl. These are gorgeous! I also think they can be extremely versatile, but will dress up an outfit. Perhaps wearing something from PUG Clothing Spanish Inspired Capsule Collection?

Spanish 1940s earrings

Vintage Spanish Earrings ($10)


That’s all for this week!

I hope you guys have a lovely weekend, until next time,

the vintage cat



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