This Week on the Interweb: 11/14/14

Hi everyone!

I spend a lot (A LOT) of time browsing around various sites, filled with shopping, news, history, etc. I do share sales and things on my Facebook page when I catch them, but don’t share them across the board on all my social media. The solution, blog about it! Until I establish the best day for this, I will try to publish these on Fridays. 🙂 Let’s see what I’ve discovered:

Vintage Fashion/Hair/Beauty

Fashion during the Blitz – 1941 Color Film by Jack Cardiff – My favorite outfit is at 1:25


Fashion at the Parisian races (c. 1910-1920) – Fashions were changing at this time! The corset has been almost abandoned, though the boyish figures of the 20s weren’t without help of long corsets and hip cinchers.

In these photos, you can see the evolution of fashion, in the 10 years, the dresses became a little shorter, and the end of the Edwardian Era and the ever so restricting hobble skirt can be observed.

I love seeing cold weather fashions, because my wardrobe appears to be of someone who lives where there is infinite summer. In the winter though, I do love layering and hope to incorporate vintage styles in to my winter wardrobe. I’d gladly accept a coat from the early 20th century 😉

Lisa Freemont Street on Youtube announces “Starlet Series” hair style tutorials revisited – Starting with 1920! Her hair tutorials are fantabulous, I highly recommend you to check out her channel and subscribe!

Vintage Hollywood

Grace Kelly

10 Classic Style Icons and their Present Day Counterparts – I don’t usually read modern magazines, for many reasons, including their stereotyping of women/men/life, ridiculous advice, and unfordable fashions. This post was no different. I don’t agree with comparing vintage starlets and famous women, to modern women. Its all a bit strange – they’re all different!

Modern celebrities shouldn’t be compared to the past, they should be treated as individuals, and make their own mark in history. Gwyneth Paltrow being compared to Grace Kelly to start you with… why? What do you guys think?


I Love Lucy Show on Youtube – I found this channel by accident while searching for Lucy’s signature poodle hair updo. Youtube search took my keywords literally, and before stumbling on this channel, I did in fact find videos of 1950s poodles getting hair cuts and styles!

If you enjoy the show (who doesn’t?), I think it’s great having this available online, whether you’re home or somewhere else!


Lindy Bop Facebook – Like their page to get their competitions in your newsfeed. They’re giving away various skirts and dresses. All you’ll have to do is follow the rules!

Blame Betty Facebook – Like & comment on the post to get 1 of 2 $100 and 5 runners up receive  30%  off their shopping online!

Lady V London Facebook – Win a fabulous floral, vintage inspired dress, just Like the photo! Hurry, competition ends tonight!


piup girl clothing yard sale

Pinup Girl Clothing Yard Sale – It’s happening in Pasadena, California on Dec. 7th!


Stop Staring announced on their Facebook this week, they’ll be having a sample sale in Paramount California on Dec. 12th & 13th!

Blame Betty – Annual Midnight Madness Sale is going down this weekend! The online only sale runs for one day, Friday, Nov. 14th from 8 am MST to Midnight.


Lady V London – Free Worldwide Shipping (CODE: FREESHIP) + Sale of up to 50% off Ends today!!!

love Miss Daisy   The online shop has fashions from various eras – something for everyone, plus they ship worldwide! 15% Off All Weekend (CODE: RAINRAINGOAWAY) Sign up to their email list to receive latest discounts, offers and more!

 Etsy Finds

I’ve been drooling over vintage pajamas  and lounge wear lately. I guess it has something to do with being home so much and the urge to look fabulous! After watching the Miranda sequel Mad About Men (1954), I was convinced I need glamorous pajamas. Currently on a look out, but check these out, and yes, they are pricey, but the amazing details, the deep green silky fabric and that heart-shaped pocket:

30s silk PJs

Silk 1930s pajamas from DearGolden

Jewelry, I constantly browse all sorts of jewelry, from the Victorian Era through to the 1970s, there’s just too much beauty and sparkle. These stood out to me because of their shape, and the fact that you have a set, earrings and necklace. It saves you the hassle of trying to match one or the other to something you already have. These would be perfect with a vintage or repro dress, that is solid in color, so the jewelry stands out!

50s Rhinestone Set

1950s Rhinestone Star Necklace & Earrings from SararaVintage

Shoes, vintage shoes! I have the average shoe size, between 7 1/2 and 8, and it is always heartbreaking when I stumble upon a gorgeous pair of shoes in size 5 or super narrow varieties of my size. If you’re on the smaller scale of the shoe sizes, lucky! When I find a pair in my size, I am always extremely excited! I need to look over and let go of many shoes from my current collection before I go out and get more, these red beauties are tempting me!

40s Red Heels

Late 1940s/1950s Pumps from Wildfellhallvintage

Va va voom! This blouse is fantastic! Lovely neckline with 3/4-length cuffed sleeves and a lovely peachy color, so versatile! All you need is a skirt of your choice and some accessories.

1950s glam blouse

1950s Glamour Girl Blouse from VintageVixen

Rawwwr! This very rare and silk (I LOVE silk), tiger print dress by Brogan & Jennings of Dallas is from every vintage loving gal’s dreams! When I stumbled upon this beauty, I couldn’t stop staring at it!

50s tiger print dress

1950s Tiger Print Dress from Jumblelaya

Many of the items I swoon over in this shop, go super fast! This sweater, I think will too, and very soon! The lovely puffy sleeves are one of my favorite details of the sweater, and the incredible color!

1940s green sweater

1940s Puffy Sleeve Green Sweater from FabGabs

That’s all for this week, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

the vintage cat


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