Vintage Movie Night – With a Little Pampering!

Hello my vintage lovers!

Hope everyone is enjoying the first weeks of the autumn season! It is my favorite time of the year and at the same time my least favorite. I love the cooler temperatures (not too cold, not too hot), the leaves changing, and Halloween season! I also love Thanksgiving (though sadly I may not be celebrating it this year, since the UK doesn’t have it, I may need to make a giant dinner with turkey anyways).

Where was I? Oh yes, cooler weather may keep you indoors a bit more, but my least favorite part is the earlier sunsets, feels like night time, but it is only 4pm! What is my favorite way of dealing with this? Watching movies of course! I have all my modern shows I watch, and ones hubby and I watch, I can do a separate post on them another time.

I also really enjoy little pampering, such as a beauty treatment: DIY face or hair mask; refreshing that polish on the fingers (toes get a little break in the winter). I also like a nice cup of tea, maybe some cookies or baked goodies (in moderation šŸ˜‰ ) and a fabulous film from the bygone era!

I would love to do an installment on the blog featuring some of the classic titles, a little bit about the films, and a few tips suggesting the pampering you can do while enjoying the film.

In terms of what type of films I enjoy, genre wise, romance, comedy, mystery, and sci-fi are my usual choices. I used to watch more horror films, but the modern ones, are a bit too much for me, for the most part. Not many made these days (none really), but westerns, spaghetti westerns to be specific, I like, of course for the cowboy action and great music! I hope to include an array of genres and that you’ll enjoy these films and the pampering that goes with it!

Stay tuned for the first vintage movie night and a little pampering later this week!

Drive-in theater 19505


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