The Vintage Cat Version of Project Pan

Hello everyone!

It’s been a fairly uneventful few weeks. I’ve been doing lots of research for the blog, and some exciting thing coming your way! Here’s one of them! Sorry this may be a bit of a wordy post.

I’m a huge fan of beauty blogs, I can get stuck in a watching loop of YouTube reviews, tutorials, tips/tricks, etc… It’s amazing! So many creative and wonderful people out there, maybe I can take part in the video bits eventually.

One thing that always amazed me was how much make up people have, including myself (though before the big move, I cleaned out A LOT). And as you know, I am very conscious about cosmetics and their expiry dates. Some products get used up fairly quickly (face cream, sunblock, primers, mascara ), other things just seem to stick around forever (lipsticks, blush, eyeshadows, nailpolish). If there are definitely clear signs of aging in cosmetics, such as smell and texture/consistency change, I just throw it out without a thought. But…

I didn’t enjoy throwing away a few MAC lipsticks that were pricey and a few other higher end name brands, but they either were never used or passed their expiry date. After this, I decided to try to use up as many products as I could without buying anymore of it. I have a list of a few things I want to use before getting a replacement. The main concern is that if I go out and buy more, I may stop using what I already have and begin using the new product, and eventually this product expiring or alternating and both products expiring, Oh my!

Another reason I want to reduce my beauty product supplies is for health reasons. I’ve always preferred natural remedies when dealing with a blemish or a cold, and for the care of my skin. I love Burts Bees products, which tell you what percentage of their ingredients are natural. Unfortunately, I’ve not been the most consistent in buying natural soaps, body washes, face cleansers, etc. and I would like to change that, and use more natural products.

Coincidentally, I stumble upon this “project”, still unable to find who started it or the clear rules, but I am making it my own version of it!

Here’s what I know about it so far:

Project Pan:

A sort of Spring Cleaning for your products. They can be beauty based such as make up or the can be things like hair masks, cleansers, etc.

The number (can be 10, 15, 20, etc.) is the number if products you are going to use up before buying a replacement, so to speak.

From what I’ve read/seen, some people have done a review after finishing a product and deciding if they will repurchase or move on.

My Project Pan Rules:

1. Use up a product completely (if you have multiple versions of the product, such as 3 bottles of toners, use up all before buying a replacement).

2. Exceptions: Nailpolish – only if I am missing a shade (still searching for the perfect nude). BUT, look for a more natural nail polish, less chemicals = better nails.

3. Before buying any new products, do thorough research about it. I will even do a blog post on what products I am planning on buying and why. Why? Because we all hate buying something and being disappointed with its lack of usefulness. This can help develop a repertoire of products that are my “Go To” products. Of course with eye shadows and lipsticks this may be tough, but definitely can be done with certain beauty products and skin care.

4. When finished with a product, look for a more natural version of it. Of course not everything can be replaced adequately, I’ve been researching natural deodorants, and yet I’ve still bought the heavily artificial ones, which don’t work amazing anyhow, what do I have to lose?

In my next post, I will include what I am planning on “panning” and my total number of products. Some, like lipsticks and eye shadows, I may try using, and if I don’t use them enough, I may just get rid of them. I looked through my make up today, and found even with getting rid of some before the move I still do not use, and have had for too long.


Until next time,

the vintage cat





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