Hair Identity Crisis Resolved


I’ve had a hair identity crisis. After my birthday in January, something possessed me to dye my hair a dark blonde. Then light brown. Then cherry red. With my hair cut in to an angled bob also in early January, my hair definitely was healthy, but with all the coloring, it’s breaking a bit again. I’ve been doing hair masks, but on top of that, my blow dryer didn’t work here in the UK, my straightener stopped working, and my Conair Hot Sticks also did not work. For a few weeks while my straightener worked, I just straightened my hair… without any heat protecting spray, just some hair oil and leave in treatment. Straw hair galore!

Finally last week,  ordered a proper blow dryer and a straightener. I also invested in some heat protecting spray by VO5 that smells divine!

As for my hair, well, on the bright side, I think I was able to go back to blonde because the light brown and cherry colors were color casting dyes, which were supposed to wash out after 28 or so washes. Of course I did not wait that long! I’ll do a separate post on how I managed to get back to this color with boxed hair products if anyone is interested!

Hair after dark ash blonde faded (before moving to the UK):


(please pardon the nails… oh my goodness!)

This is the light brown Casting Creme hair dye after:


I then added a casting cherry red, and this is it fading out (looks like the color above with a tinge of red):


After use of hair color remover:


After 2 processes of blonde hair dyes. The first one ran out towards the end. The consistency was thick and I was left super patchy. I did not panic, I went and bought 2 boxes of a different dye that did the trick:



It’s still a tad bit yellow in regions where the 1st blonde dye patched up on me, of course in the front bangs area out of all places! I am using a silver shampoo and deep conditioning and gently caring for my hair, so I should be able to dye over the remaining patches when I do my roots. It’s not white blonde, its a platinum with a warm hue, which I like. Now my goal if to find a decent salon to trim my hair so it can grow out healthy. 🙂

Have any of you gone though a hair identity crisis?

Until next time,

the vintage cat





    • Thanks so much! It’s a bit weak, but I’ve been doing all the masks and treatments to help it. Also, I’ve been applying coconut oil for night time, a couple of times a week, seems to be helping! 🙂

  1. Currently going through a hair identity crisis after chopping it all off and getting a bob! I feel like I have to dress differently and do everything differently!

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