The Vintage Cat Update: More Purchases!


It’s been a busy few weeks for me! A few failed interviews, some organizing of our living space, catching up on laundry and in the midst of everything, having a hair identity crisis (so long it needs a separate post)! I’ve also went shopping crazy and bought a few bits here and there including a gorgeous 1930s silk bell sleeve blouse, a hand brooch and a lovely made in Germany necklace that looks like it is from the 60’s. Hubby got me some Miss L Fire sandals for our 1 year wedding anniversary, they are perfect!

Now before I begin, I wanted to point you to my EBook. I am buying a lot, but I am not breaking the bank. It takes time to get an eye for valuable items, and majority of vintage sellers out there, know what they’re selling. It is becoming more common for people to know what something is worth, thanks to the internet age. With that said, it doesn’t mean you will not find great things for equally great prices, but I always keep in mind that if I think I’m getting a deal, the person I am buying from is still somehow making a profit from the sale, which means, technically its not a deal at all… and you could only imagine what they paid for it! I will definitely do a post on buying for purpose and not because its cute (which you will see below, I have done, I’ll mark those with * and we will come back to that in the end of this hefty post!

Vintage (some inspired) Buys:

housewares finds

1. Art Deco two tiered cake stand.

2. Russian hand painted three piece trinket box. *

3. G.E.C. Cookery Book (1930s)

4. 1950s/1960s kitchy orange fruit knives. *


vintage finds

1. Victorian inspired hand brooch*

2. 1960s Stratton lipstick holder

3. Stratton compact with star decorations*

4. 1960s made in Germany plastic bead necklace (the beads look like shattered ice!)*

5. 1930s brown and white silk blouse with bell/bishop sleeves

6. gorgeous Miss L Fire shoes in Sundae that hubby got me

7. Glorify Yourself by Eleanore King (originally published in 1942, this one is 1949 revised edition 3rd printing) — actually got this one right before we moved to the UK. The sleeve is falling apart, so I took it off.

8. No more Alibis by Sylvia of Hollywood (1935)

What’s not listed here is a fabulous red cashmere sweater with red sparkles and a plain black circle skirt. I don’t know where my camera is (all of the photos here were taken with my iphone)

Here’s a little bit of the sweater and a cute late 70s post card:


My most memorable find is the blouse and the “No More Alibis” by Sylvia oh Hollywood book. I’ve had both in my favourites on Etsy for ages. The blouse, I was hesitant to get because it was almost $50 at the time and is a fixer-upper. One day, I noticed it was take off the shop and I was really sad and since have been endlessly searching for a bell-sleeve/bishop sleeve blouse with not much luck.

A couple of days ago, while searching for lovely clothes for my outfit of the month and newsletter, long and behold I saw it again. This time, it was half the price. After an afternoon of thinking, I went for it. It will be a couple of weeks until it arrives, and in the description there was note of fabric fraying, though I closely inspected the blouse through the pictures, I am not setting my hopes too high about its condition. Hopefully I will be able to repair it and wear it soon! Also I am speculating of course, but maybe someone did buy it, and it was misrepresented, so they returned it… Let’s see!

As for the beauty book, I also had it in my Etsy favourites for a while, and one day it was gone. I kept the title in my mind, and every once i a while, I look up beauty books. Won it on Ebay a couple of days ago for $2.25 and with shipping (had to ship to my parents in the US) it was under $6! On Etsy, it was around 25-30 dollars… I think I scored there!

I love everything I’ve gotten so far. I am slowly building my clothing, shoe, housewares, beauty and hair tool repertoire, so I can actually be the vintage gal I am meant to be. I’ve decided to collect lipstick holders, vintage cookbooks (only if they stand out to me) and beauty/makeup/hair books.

The compact, I plan to fill with my Coty loose powder to create a pressed powder (if anyone is interested in that, let me know and I will document it), and brooches, I am not sure, I think novelty looking ones are good to find. Jewelry wise, the necklace is lovely but I rarely stumble upon lovely vintage plastic jewelry that I think I’ll use.

Why did I buy the items marked with * ?

I guess I thought the items were neat. I don’t want to become a hoarder. This past weekend, I saw a lovely pill box to match the lipstick holder I bought, but I resisted. Also a compact marked 1951 from a UK fair, oh so tempted! I am now promising myself (and hubby’s helping) to be more thoughtful before buying something. First of all to prevent a cluttered home, and second, someone else might want to collect the items, you’re just buying for no reason at all.


the vintage cat


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