Latest Online Vintage Finds

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post on my finds, so I thought I’d share the latest. I had a super successful shopping experience with Ebay and Etsy before moving over to the UK. Since I’ve been here, I’ve had a slightly difficult time switching my search results to UK based shops on Etsy, to get more reasonable shipping, but I like the larger selection of shop options around the world, that ship internationally. For now, I am saving all that I like, and hopefully when I find a job, I can actually buy all these things… I think I’m a shopaholic (more like I know I am a shopaholic). 😉

From Ebay, before moving, I found a shop that was having a huge sale, so naturally I bought a few items!

Here they are:

70s does 40s polka dot dress

1970s does 1940s polka dot dress (black and white)

I absolutely adore this dress! It’s length is well below the knee and it’s airy and comfy. Really looking forward to the warmer weather. There are no tags on the inside, and I really can’t tell what material this dress is made of. It’s not cotton but it also doesn’t feel like polyester or rayon…

Green and Cream Dress

1950s Carol Brent Green and Cotton Cream Dress

I did some research on this label and found that it was a line the designer did exclusively for Sears, as a high quality and stylish option for women, but at more affordable prices. Love this idea and love the front zipper! My mom said it looks like a house dress, lolz I think I may wear it for either St. Patrick’s Day or the Green Man festival (though not sure that’s the name of it, Jack in the Green?) they do in the area here.

tan top

1940s Ship n’ Shore Top in Off White/Tan color.

I’ve been on a look out for a simple and versatile top, and this is it! It is in perfect condition and I love the pleated look in the front which hides the buttons.

blue silky top

1950s Tailor Maid Los Angeles silk satin blouse

This top has gorgeous decorative seaming through out. Sadly, it had arm pit stains and a small underarm tear… and its a bit snug on me. For $7, I bought it and attempted everything to get rid of the stains, and smell… oh the smell!! Luckily, smell has gone, but the stains remained. So I soaked the top, lightened the blue to the palest color possible and dyed it magenta:

Tailor Maid Los Angeles

The color came out fantastic, very even and bright! Now to lose weight to comfortably fit in to it…

For my birthday, hubby bought me two lovely items I’ve been saving on my Etsy wish list:

1940s golden yellow satin blouse

1940s “Kata’s Blouses San Francisco” Mode De Paris golden yellow satin blouse

This blouse naturally caught my eye because of its shiny golden glow. It attracted me like a light does a fly. Smell is not entirely gone, but I got rid of as much of it as possible. I shipped it with all my other clothes, and hopefully it does not spread the scent to other garments… eek. I wonder if I would have still wanted it if the person said the garment has a smell…  I think so since its so lovely and I look at it as a challenge.

1980s rabbit fur and wool coat1

1980s Rabbit Fur and Wool Jacket, fully lined in peach satin.

This jacket is super fab, I love the sleeves, it almost looks like I am wearing a fur vest. The jacket is super warm and has pockets.

I am so excited for the spring weather, and of course hubby’s and my stuff to finally arrive on a boat. It’s been delayed twice already, but great to know the stuff will be here tomorrow! I almost regretted not packing all these items (besides the fur, which I didn’t want to get folded).

What do you guys think, did I do good? Have any of you stumbled upon any Etsy and Ebay sales lately?

the vintage cat



    • Thank you so much! I can’t wait to wear it already. My mom told me it looks like a 50s house dress, lolz
      I’ll be trying to find shops on ebay and etsy who are running sales, and do a weekly roundup. I think it would be nice to share with everyone, so we can all get affordable vintage goodies! 🙂

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