Incredible Colour Film of London from 1927 shot by Claude Frisse-Greene

Here are some things that stood out to me:

  • Many boats in the River of Thames
  • Traffic was directed by a person
  • No road signs or proper lanes
  • Dunlop ad on all the city buses
  • Those two women walking in sync in Hyde Park
  • Women in the loveliest dresses, hats and coats
  • Wendy was the little girl with curls
  • Petticoat lane had many gentlemen in sticking hats and ones who didn’t, had their hair perfectly sleek
  • London has preserved its beauty looking at this footage and knowing what it looked like back in 1927

What else do you guys notice?

the vintage catxx



  1. I love how put together everyone looks. I wish more people put effort into their daily appearance these days. Looking around my office, we are lacking in decorum LOL

    Nice find and I love your posts!!!


  2. I loved this video from the first time I saw it. For me it was just the colour that stood out. Everything you see from that era is either hand coloured (which looks very different from reality) or black and white. I almost forgot things were coloured.

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