Becoming an Expat, Again: Big Move and More

Hi everyone!

Sorry for being a bit MIA. Some news which may excuse my absence. Hubby and I have been busy with my UK visa. We sorted out all sorts of documents, copies, proof of this and proof of that. Sent it off on Nov. 29th, it arrived the 2nd, and this past Monday with the decision.

My visa has been approved! So now hubby and I will need to go through the boxing-up-your-whole-life-and-shipping-it-across-the-Atlantic (as my hubby had done a little over a year ago to come to NY). Last week, I got rid of 4 giant bags of clothes in to a donation bin in our area, I also have a couple of bags of clothes that one of my coworker friends might take off my hands. Its lovely clothes that I no longer fit in to. Lastly, I have some sneakers and shoes that I am considering to sell on ebay, but not sure if I have enough time.

Not sure of the exact date of the big move is (but it is VERY close), I’ll keep you guys posted!

I have moved to NY from Ukraine when I was young, but its a very different process, and though  was 9, I don’t think I fully comprehended that we were permanently moving to NY.

I’ve been on the look out for any advice you guys might have with moving to a different country, have any of you done it?


the vintage cat


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