A Short History of Women’s Shoes: A Dressy Shoe from Each Decade, 1900-2000

Happy Sunday everyone!

shoe love

Shoes are an important part of the wardrobe, and though shoes for evening events were always intricate and lovely, once the skirts got shorter, their spotlight increased. Let’s take a look at all the dressy shoes from 1900-2000.

Shoes of 1900
Shoes 1900

source: Minnesota Historical Society

Shoes of 1910

shoes 1910s

source: shoe icons

Shoes of 1920

shoes 1920s

source: Old Rags

Shoes of 1930

shoes 1930s

source: ebay

Shoes of 1940

shoes 1940s

source: Hoozah Vintage

Shoes of 1950

1950s shoes

source: OMG that dress!

Shoes of 1960

1960s shoe

source: York Museum Trust

Shoes of the 1970s

1970s shoes

source: Museum Victoria

Shoes on the 1980s

1980s shoes

source: centre fashions

Shoes of the 1990s

1990s shoes

source: etsy

Shoes of 2000

Not really sure where the world of shoes has gone, it is quite varied, but one style a do not fancy is:

2000s shoes

I got the image from a knock off site of the lovely red bottomed Christian Louboutin’s (I chose these simply for the style). How high can heels get before they look like the stereotypical stripper heels? There really is no end! A few years back, I did buy some platform or whatever these super stiletto shoes are called, but they looked classy, nonetheless. Louboutin is not the only designer to make these shoes, there are shoes like these for every budget, but why would you want to own a pair of this particular style, will always be a mystery to me.

Of course I chose shoes that I believe best represent each era in terms of dressy shoes. Though the pair from the 90s might be more of the grunge, night scene, type shoes. Flats existed for some time, and more sporty shoes did too, but I found in my searches of shoes, that shoes change quite a bit, just as did fashion. Also depending on the occasion, different shoes are worn. It is always nice to see shoes inspired by the bygone eras in the modern day.

I only bought one pair of vintage shoes, well 80s, some flats. They appeared to be sturdy and fit well, NOS shape. I went for a walk with hubby, and a few blocks later, the soles were peeling off! It was horrible! I have yet to get them fixed, so when shopping for vintage shoes, be prepared for potential trips to a shoe fixing place!

the vintage catxx


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  1. After looking at each shoe from each decade I noticed from the 90’s on the shoes were made cheaply and with poor form and comfort to us women.

    Regards, Gwendolen

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