Autumn Vintage Finds Part II: Books, Brooches & More


Here is part two of my autumn haul! Now remember, it only looks like all I’ve been doing is shopping ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s only when I began documenting my recent buys that I realized that it might appear like a whole lot of stuff. It will be fun packing all this stuff up in the near future!

I love finding vintage cookbooks and books in general. I love the color of the paper and the old book smell! You will see that hubby and I found a handful of old books!

Let’s start on the oldest:

A Brief History of the United States“A Brief History of the United States” published by A. S. Barnes in 1885

This was a lovely find in Housing Works. Its in great condition with lovely maps and facts. I looked up the book on ebay and the prices vary, we got it for under $10, which is very good!

Masterpieces of Mystery PoePoe’s Masterpieces of Mystery Book. Art Type Edition.

I am a huge fan of Edgar Allan Poe! A few years back, I convinced my family to drive 7 hours to the Poe museum in Virginia. I loved the experience, though for some reason I thought the museum would be bigger, my family did a few other things in the area, so it wasn’t a total of 14 hours of driving for 1/2 hour of museum touring. ๐Ÿ™‚

This book was another Housing Works find, though it did not have a date, I found a sold one on etsy, which said it was from 1936. Either way, the book is great find! ๐Ÿ™‚

red boxCarved Red Trinket Box, China

My hubby spotted this little box in Housing Works. It is black lacquered on the inside, and appears to be for jewelry. I love the red color and the carvings, so intricate and delicate! No clue when it was made, but it is very well made!

American Woman's CookbookThe American Woman’s Cookbook, publishedย  1940

Found this fabulous cook book during our last estate sale trip. It cost only $2, and the binding is in pretty bad shape, but it is a true treasure! It was given to the owner in 1940, the woman’s name was Rose (given to her by a woman named Nancy, signed 1940). The book contained rip outs from magazines and a letter from her friend Betty, sharing sewing tips and recipes. I can’t wait to try some of the recipes out!

Hollywood Cook BookHollywood Glamour Cook Book by Mariposa, published in 1940

This fabulous book was an ebay win for me. Love that it was signed by Mariposa herself! Great recipes and little poems throughout! I’ll definitely be doing a post on this book and my favourites from it!

Charming Woman Beauty BooksThe Charming Woman by Helen Fraser Published in 1950 (bottom) and 1952 (top)

I had to get both bacause my 1950 edition was missing 2 booklets (5 & 6), but has the lessons up to Number 18. While my 1952 edition only has up to Lesson 10. I LOVE these books! My Nail Care Routine contained excerpts from it, but these books have so much more! How to wear hats, take care of your skin, etiquette, speech, exercise, diet, and MORE! Its so much lovely advice, I will be sure to share with you all!

Better Homes and Gardens New CookbookBetter Homes and Gardens New Cookbook, published in 1953

You would think I had enough of cook books, this may be my last one, but it is very hard to resist a fabulous book for a great price! (this one was $7!) I love how it is sectioned off, as the American Women’s Cook Book is. It also has a great section on table arrangements, which I don’t know a great deal about. It’s a lovely addition to my collection, and I am sure I will be using it in the near future. Oh, and it has a wonderful section on canning that has a calendar and amazing directions, simply wonderful!

bride PMA Debby touched upDebby, not Barbie, early 1960s

I tried to post in a forum to get more information on this doll. Never got a reply, but from my research on the web, this is a Barbie clone made in Long Island in the 1960s. Her name is Debby. I simply adore her eyelet wedding dress and her long veil. She us also wearing her original shoes. I found her at our first estate sale, in a clear plastic bag, in a suitcase on the floor. Cleaned her up and now she sits in my bookcase. ๐Ÿ™‚

white broochWhite Plastic Brooch with gold tone metal details.

This brooch is a pretty large one! I spotted it in a jewelry case in the shop where we got the Better Homes Cook Book (and the next item). I am not sure what type of plastic it is (through some research I thought it was an unsigned Miriam Haskell because of this etsy listing), then I read about a type of featherlite of the celluloid family of plastics. Now, I am not even sure. Regardless, I cannot wait to wear this brooch, its absolutely gorgeous!

happy hearts

Metal Wall Hanging

This little plaque, as I called it, was too cute to let go of. I look forward to owning a home with my hubby in the near future and hanging this up in the entrance. ๐Ÿ™‚

star broochRed Stone Brooch

I found this brooch when Rubylane had a site Red Tag Sale, with everything being 50% off that was tagged. The item was named “Antique Bohemian Rose Cut Garnet Star Brooch”. It is tiny but so very pretty! I don’t know if it made of real garnets, they are definitely rose cut, and sparkle loads. My birthday is in January and garnet is my birthstone, so I simply had to add this lovely find to my collection.

red broochMetal & Beaded Shoe or Dress Clip

I got this lovely item from a sidewalk sale during a block yard sale event. I want to turn it in to a brooch and attach it to a jacket I have.

Romantic and Glamorous Hollywood Design

Exhibition catalog from the Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art “Romantic and Glamorous Hollywood Design” published in 1974

A Housing works find of course! I thought it was lovely fashion memorabilia to add to my book collection. Thought the outside is in slightly rough shape, I simply adore the classic shot of Marlene Dietrich with a cigarette and in a tux!

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