Autumn Vintage Finds Part I: Vintage Clothing

Hi everyone!

It’s been some time since I’ve done a post on my vintage finds! I sure have been busy (buying)! 😉 The last post I did was technically my post, “Long Island Flea” way back in August! Since then, my hubby and I have been searching the web and going out to shops, estate sales, flea markets, in order to check out what’s out there, but to also add to my wardrobe.

Slowly but surely, I am finding lovely pieces that are versatile and great quality! If you haven’t already, consider signing up to my Stunning Vintage Finds Newsletter. I search for cool stuff, and you get it right in your inbox, oh and did I mention my FREE Ebook? It has all a vintage loving gal needs to know, check out my previous post, “I Wrote An EBook” & sign up!

I have a few new clothing items including a gorgeous velvet pencil skirt, as you’ll see in the photo below:

the vintage cat in fromt of Tea and Sympathy

Its super soft and just the perfect length! This photo was taken by my hubby on our two year anniversary (of us meeting, the more celebrations the better) a couple of weeks ago in front of one of the only British tea spots in Manhattan, Tea and Sympathy. Love the place!

purple skirt brand name tag from The Vintage Cat's Blog

The skirt is from the 50s, and was in amazing condition!  I got it from one of my favourite shops on etsy, Stutterinmama.

I scooped up a skirt/shorts during the last visit to Long Island Flea. (sorry for the crappy quality photos), and I apoligize in advance, since some of these are wrinkly (I am a last-minute-ironing-before-going-out, type of gal):

Green Skirt Shorts from The Vintage Cat Blog

The Vintage Cat Blog

These are a great army green color, and I thought they were so different! They look like a high waisted skirt, with lovely slight pleating at the top, and double buttons, and so very comfy! Can’t wait for warmer weather to come back so I can wear them.

Next I have a few finds from a local vintage shop, GUVNOR’S VINTAGE. First, this lovely peach colored, cotton blouse:

The Vintage Cat's Blog

peachy blouse sleeve detail

peachy blouse brand tag

I absolutely adore the quarter sleeves with the bell sleeve detail! I have worn it once, though there is some fading under the arms as well as some dark spots in the front. I am considering dying it black, though I would love to keep it peach. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d appreciate it! 🙂

Next is this lovely red sleeveless, cotton top with yellow stitching:

red top

red top brand name tag

When I saw it in the vintage shop, I was so excited that it was in size Large! It fit great and is very figure flattering. I tried it on with my Betty Paige skirt, which I scored for $30, and loved the look:

me in new top

Pardon the bare feet! I unfortunately didn’t get an opportunity to wear this combo out before it got too cold, but definitely will! In the meantime, I’ll sport the top with fall skirts and cardigans.

This dusty rose colored, silk top, with wool flower details, is my favourite clothing find so far! I have to say it is absolutely gorgeous! I am sad though, I tried to clean an ink stain off it, which made the fabric fade slightly on the right side on the neck line area. Though not really noticeable, I should have let the ink stains be. The only other flaw with this top is a small hole in the back, on the bottom, which is completely hidden when tucked in to a skirt.

silk blouse

silk blouse detail 1

silk blouse detail 2

I just love the details and how well made this top is! There were no tags on it, but the store’s tag said hand embroidered, with just the word “vintage”, so I really don’t know if it was hand made (if it was, this person had skills) or the tags have been removed, or even what era its from. Regardless of this, it has a 40s/50s feel and cut to it, and I make every excuse to wear it!

This last find was from my etsy search of a shop’s closing down sale (tips in my Ebook), my hubby got for me. It’s my first nylon top, and will definitely not be my last! It feels so good on the skin, and the color will never fade, it’s very versatile and classy.

black nylon blouse

black nylon blouse back

black nylon blouse brand tag

This top stood out to me because it was black (I love wearing black) and it had the lovely button details on the front of it. It reminds me of star bursts of the atomic era, or something out of the silent film Metropolis, I know its a weird connection, but that’s how I perceive it.

My next goal is to find more cold weather attire, I’d love a good wool cape and some warm hats. I’m sticking to modern for shoes, since most of the gorgeous vintage shoes come in microscopic sizes!

Have you guys found any vintage clothing lately?

the vintage cat



  1. Just love your Betty Page skirt and the top fits perfect with it! You look really lovely…

    And the rose colored top is amazing! Really cute… And the blouse with these cute sleeves -adorable!! 🙂

    Wish you a lovely day! 🙂

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