Pin Up Artist Mini Bio: Edward Runci

While at home, getting over Laryngitis ( I sound like a 100 year old who’s been smoking for 80 years), I thought I’d make a little post on one of my favorite pin up artists. I do have a few, so prepare to see a few of these! Let’s get started!

Edward Runci (1921-1986)

Originally from Sicily, he moved to the US in the 1930s. He became a portrait artist in Hollywood. After WWII, his career really took off, not only was he an amazing painter of pin ups with oil paints for calendars, but he also created averts for famous companies like Coca Cola. Interestingly, he also painted clowns, landscape scenes, and portraits of celebrities in Hollywood.

His pin ups are flirty and fun, and sometimes get caught in situations where the viewer gets a little peek-a-boo of her garment. His 1950’s pin ups are typical of the era, being inspired by the blonde bombshells of the time (Marilyn, Mansfield, etc).  In terms of his artistic style, Edward did not receive any formal training, but his talents did not show this fact, and his skills are comparable with Gil Elvgren.

He spent his later years in Big Bear Lake, CA, where he had a studio and an art school.

Here’s some of his lovely works:


Shadow Puppet Runci

Ed Runci


Beach Runci


portrait by runci

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