Ooh err! 20 Slightly Naughty Linen Postcards


One of my favourite things to find when I go to vintage fairs and shops are postcards. They’re a great item to get, since they come in all different price ranges and many different themes. From the 1930s to the 1950s, linen postcards were produced, they varied greatly in topics. I like the naughty humor ones. Here’s my list of 20, I hope you guys enjoy!

a little pull postcard

at the end of the rainbow postcardbuying postcard

cant think postcard

in the wash postcard

blood pressure postcard

unavailable postcard

on the couch postcard

make up postcard

florida map postcard

ships postcard

mable forgot postcardteasing to please postcard

party line postcard

strong son postcard

peaches in Florida postcard

navel manuevers postcard

eyeful for beauty

juarez wind postcard

front postcard

What do you all think? Are they too cheeky or are they a fun type of paper ephemera to collect?

the vintage cat


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