Your Vintage Home: Hallway

vintage hallway

Hello all!

When you enter someone’s home, whether they are renting a flat or they own their own house or flat, you first impression of their living space is created by this small space, the hallway. Other hallways exist, such as ones which lead you from room to room or floor to floor, etc. Either way, these spaces, however big or small, are fun to fill with some vintage items which will make the space your own. Here are some of my favourite picks:

French Ornate Light Fixture

French, Ornate Light Fixture

1950s Lipstick Red Upcycled Suitcase Wall Shelves

Luggage Wall Shelf Shelves Repurposed

Wall Shelf Made of Rattan Bamboo

Wall Shelf Rattan Bamboo

Antique Mission Oak Umbrella Stand/ Entry Stand

Antique Mission Oak Umbrella Stand/ Entry stand

Wooden Japanese Style Wall Shelf

Vintage Wood Japanese Style Wall Shelf

 Painted White Wood Wall Shelf

vintage shabby chic white wood wall shelf

Art Deco Lebus Entryway Stand

Art Deco Lebus entryway umbrella stand

48″ Floating Wall Shelf

48 inch Floating Wall Shelf

Collapsable Wall Shelf

Antique Collapsable Wall Shelf

Mid Century Black Metal Hairpin Plant Stand

Mid Century Black Metal Hairpin Plant Stand

You might of noticed that I chose mainly shelves for the hall. I think shelves work great in smaller spaces, especially the ones I selected; they are narrow enough to be out of the way, while wide enough to fit a key bowl or any other items you might put in the hall.

My favourite item is the antique Mission Oak umbrella stand. It is the perfect size for the entry way, you can actually put all your family umbrellas there as well as have the space to put any decorative items (and a drawer for some mail!). I also like the Art Deco Lebus hall stand, since it has space to hang coats, a place for umbrellas, AND some hidden storage!

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To view all these amazing pieces, head over to my Etsy Treasury List, found HERE.

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