Your Vintage Home: The Bathroom

bathroomHello all!

Now on to the third installment of the series, the least pleasant place to clean in the house: the bathroom. I definitely like to keep our bathroom as minimal as possible. If we had a better ventilation system and an actual window in our bathroom (we have a small one that goes in to an exhaust like/chimney vent up to the roof), which does absolutely nothing, and no natural light. I would love to get some plants in the bathroom.

Otherwise, in terms of storage and help keep the bathroom clean, I found that less is more, we do get some things in bulk, such as shaving cream or q tips, so I put those on top of the little bathroom cupboard of in to the pantry closet. I do have a few beauty products, mainly face and hair, I organize them neatly on the shelve unit, which was the only thing we could really fit in the bathroom for additional storage. Also I have a giant lidded jar, which I put cotton balls in to.

The less items you have out, the less items you will have to dust! I kept that in mind when I found these lovely items. I definitely focused on lighting and wall decor, since it brings a little personality to a typically boring place! Check them out:

Chalkware Seahorses Wall Decor


French White Mirror


50’s Kitschy Gotta-Go Skunk Bathroom Bell


French Enamel on Steel Soap Dish


Art Deco Porcelain Ceiling Light Fixture


Metal Wall Shelf


Chalkware Fish Wall Decor


Art Deco White Porcelain Wall Fixtures


PDF Crochet Pattern


Art Deco Pearl Yellow Koi Fish and Sea Shell Ceramic Soap Dish


White Wicker Woven Towel Rack


Glass Jars with Teak Lids


All of these lovely items are in my etsy treasury list, you can find right HERE. I definitely can’t say what my favourite item of these is, I definitely am a sucker for art deco light fixtures, they are so aesthetically pleasing,  what did you guys think?

the vintage cat


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