Your Vintage Home: The Living Room

Happy Wednesday!

retro living room photo

Second part in the series of “Your Vintage Home” is the living room. I found this space a bit harder to fill, since everyone has their own style and tastes. While one person is in to photography, another person might prefer paintings or plates, etc. The beauty of incorporating vintage in your living space is the fact that there is something for everyone. You can always include a little bit of vintage and some modern touches or vice versa. Our living room has just that. Our couch, bookcase, and tv stand/tv are modern, while the coffee table and plant shelf thingie is from the mid-century. On the walls, we have some modern prints as well as a lovely poster. We went for a slight beachy theme with prints of the ocean side, boats. While our book case is a mix of old books, new books, trinket boxes, shells, Russian statuettes, dolls, etc. Of course since we are making a huge move in the near future, we wanted to keep buying little bits to a minimum. I would really be sad to find something broken. I’ll do a separate post on what’s in our living room some other time, since I am battling yet another ear infection.

Now on to the finds, I tried to find little bits from all over, so it is a bit of a mishmash, but… they’re all such lovely things that I’d love to add to my living room to give it that vintage/retro touch! Here they are:

Double Flamingo Vase

flamingo planter 1

Novelty Trick Box

nautical sailor from the 20s box

Art Deco Alabaster Bookends

art deco book ends

Art Deco Black Cat Planter

black cat plantar

Rubix Cube in Display Case

rubrix cube

1950s French Provincial Chair

retro chair

Art Nouveau Season Illustrations by Mucha

art nouveau wall hangings

1920s Framed Ship Print

boat print

Shawnee Grey Art Deco Vase

art deco planter

1930’s Porcelain Wall Sconce Lights

art deco wall lights

Flamingo Planter

flamingo plantar 2

If you notice, I have a bit of a thing for planters. They’re so lovely, and they come in all shapes, sizes and animals! In this case, flamingos are very mid-century gems which add a great pop of color to a bookshelf or a coffee table. The chair is a bit of a pricey one, but you can take it as an inspiration, and if you stumble upon a gorgeous chair with old and ruined fabric, you can always reupholster it, same goes for couches. There are great tutorials with directions and videos, and it looks a bit time consuming, but worth the personal touch!

All of these fabulous items can be found in my treasury list HERE.

To view my previous post on the vintage kitchen, click HERE.


Hope you all enjoyed these items!

the vintage catxx


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