Long Island Flea

Happy Sunday!

I’ve been a little MIA this week from blogging. I got really in to reading my beauty book and cosmetology book which I’ll be sharing with you all soon! I was hoping to get some photos at the Long Island Flea market that my hubby and I attended last weekend, but as soon as we got there, I was in full shopping mode. It was a bit smaller than I expected, but it was great none the less.

me and pepsi

I first stumbled upon a vintage clothing stand, and found a gorgeous red and white polka dot dress from the 40s. It was in pretty bad shape and was a tad bit too small on me, but the fabric felt soft and you could tell it was a stunning day dress once. Now that I think about it, I should’ve bargained and purchased it. (We are planning on going back, I have my fingers crossed that its still there). I did try to find something similar online, but have had no luck, some vintage items are truly one of a kind. I don’t recall it having any rips, just a few seams that need mending and the buttons need reinforcing.

After this, the next stand had clothing, jewelry, and a particular hat. The hat, of course, was actually a fascinator, which after a chat with the owner, and trying it on a few times, I ended up getting. It had a veil, but it was in terrible shape, so the owner ripped it off the hat, right in front of me. I would have probably done the same thing, but a little voice inside was screaming “No!” since the veil did make the piece.

vintage fascinator

vintage fascinator


vintage fascinator

vintage fascinator

The two dangling buttons now come off the hat, since they were actually part of the intricate veil. I tucked them in to the back, but I will definitely need to reinforce it with some black thread before wearing it somewhere.

Next, we got some yummy pesto from a local brand called “Mel’s Melting Pot” which was very delicious, and we got some lunch.

I then went on to finding a stand where I found this lovely blue & white silk head scarf. Initially I found a green on green polka dot one, but in the pile this one stood out to me the most. The price was definitely incredible. Since it had some age staining, it was $3! After cleaning it, there is one very faded stain, hardly noticeable, which I believe will come out the next time I wash it.

vintage silk scarf

vintage silk, blue and white scarf

These photos don’t really do the scarf justice! I’ve worn it this week, and got loads of compliments. It looks cool with my hair, since somehow my hair is now a silvery blonde color.

We also found an intricate handkerchief that my hubby and I though was really neat! I hand washed it, but didn’t iron it yet, so pardon the wrinkles!

vintage hankerchief

Isn’t it cool looking? We thought so!

Lastly, I found this darling black evening bag. It’s either silk or satin, not too sure. I love its bigger size, the cool clasps, and all the small compartments within it!

1940s purse


opened purse details

brand name of purse is Rosenfeld

There you have it, next time, I hope to get some more bits at amazing prices, and snatch up some autumn pieces. If you live in the NY are, do check it out. Also, walk down to the old Pepsi Cola sign and amazing views of Manhattan. Here are some shots we got:

green building

Huge green abandoned building, and my hubby in his striped tshirt.

LIC Pepsi Cola Sign

I hope this sign stays there forever.

Queensborough Bridge

Queensborough Bridge

Manhattan Views from LIC

Manhattan Views from LIC; you’ve got the Empire State building & Chrysler Building. The Dome shaped building is actually part of the UN building.

the vintage catxx



  1. Great finds! I absolutely adore veils on hats and think they really make the piece. It is fairly easy to attach a new one though and etsy even has tonnes of vintage millinery veiling for sale.

    That scarf is also just divine!

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