Summer Vintage Finds

I started this blog in April and bam! It’s already August. I’m looking forward to revamping my fall wardrobe to include more vintage and vintage inspired items. I’ve noticed I tend to go on hauls of items, the most recent being purses from the 1920s via EBay. I’ve also done some shopping in Century 21 and on Etsy; and not to forget, when my hubby and I went away last weekend I also picked up a lovely piece for my vanity.

I’m trying to keep away from buying accessories and focusing on my wardrobe. With that, the problem of spending a stands. Many items I’m dying to get my hands on, cost my two weeks pay… For one item. Especially since I’m looking for a new coat and warm clothes now. So what I do is endlessly browse for the items of interest. I stumble upon more clothes than one gal needs, so I got to thinking about how could I share these things with others? I came up with the solution : do a monthly newsletter with some of my favorite finds. Also if I get suggestions to look for specific item of interest and price range, I’d love to look in to it for you. πŸ™‚ How could anyone resist? I’d love to get vintage goodies sent to my inbox every month! Here’s the link to sign up.

The Vintage CatI am the Vintage Cat. Wanted to show my cat eyeliner skills, but look like I am a sleeping cat πŸ˜‰

Moving on to my finds this month. It will seem like I have gone on a shopping binge. I think otherwise. None of these items were above $50, which I think is great, and each one is original and I couldn’t resist. I’ll start with the vintage items first.

Whiting & Davis

Whiting & Davis Vintage pursecloseup of WHiting & Davis vintage purseIMG_3947IMG_3948IMG_3949

Imported French Steel Purse

Importe French Steel PurseIMG_3941IMG_3942IMG_3943

Β Victorian beaded Pouch

Victorian Beaded PouchIMG_3951IMG_3952IMG_3953

Victorian Stars and Moon Brooch

Victorian broochVictorian Brooch

Lefton’s China

lefton china made in Japan


Lefton Made in Japan Hand Stuatuette

Psychedelic Pants (hand made)
I will need to lose a little bit of weight to wear these comfortably. Main reason being that they are tight in the thigh area. I was so excited when I found these mainly because of their shape and pattern.

psychedelic cigarette pantsIMG_3808

Now on to modern clothes that were definitely inspired by fashions of decades ago.

Army Pants


Shiny circle Dress


My hubby and I are planning on checking out The Long Island Flea market this weekend, I’ll be sure to get lots of photos and hopefully find some clothing for myself, and some travel posters/travel related goodies for my hubby (since he’s in to collecting those items now) πŸ™‚ What do you guys think? Any of these pieces you like the most?

the vintage catxx


  1. I found it so hard to move into purchasing vintage clothes knowing it would be so slow and so much more expensive than buying vintage accessories. I started out with one vintage skirt (that a friend bought) that I wore with modern cardigans and shirts I had before slowly replacing almost everything in my wardrobe with vintage.

    My favourite piece has to be the victorian brooch – just adorable!

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