Kitty Time

Kitty Time

Hey Everyone!

Still working on my posts, I ended up writing 3 at once, and with work, home life, and my long weekend get away, I’ve been one busy person! Currently I am taking care of a friend from work’s 2 baby kittens for 6 days. They are most precious little creatures. I would love a kitty of our own, but since hubby and I know we are moving soon, we couldn’t possibly put a little fella through the hectic process of moving.  Being the vintage cat, I will admit, I  LOVE cats. It is one of the reasons this blog has the word ‘cat’ in it. I’ve always had a feline in my life, up until I moved in with my hubby, so when an opportunity arose to take care of these little guys, I jumped at it. Cats can be temperamental but they can also be the most warm and cuddly creatures. Here they are curled up in their little bed.

kittiesFinley on the Left and Fritlie on the Right.

I am sorry for neglecting the blog, but I promise you, I have a few exciting posts in the works that I really look forward to sharing with you guys! cropped-untitled-1.jpgxx

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