The Vintage Turban

Happy Saturday everyone!

Though I haven’t gotten a turban for myself yet, I have been eying a few on etsy and ebay. They are definitely making a come back, just look at Dior’s campaign for fall/winter 2013:


First of all, I will definitely be getting the whole collection. Just look at those greys and purples. I am mesmerized. Secondly, I know Dior is pricey but their nail polishes and makeup are fantastic quality that lasts. A collection like this should be permanent, because it will be all that I’d wear!

Moving back to what this post is about, look at that cool purple silk turban that the Dior model us wearing. I stumbled on some turbans on etsy and then saw this make up collection, and thought, hey I had an inkling that these would go back in style. Not that something should need to be in style for one to like it, but it is easier to get your hands on the item if its in style that season. I sometimes find myself looking for a midi skirt and all I find are mini skirts, because they’re more popular. Now if midi skirts were to get popular, it would be that much easier to find them.

According to Millinery techniques, Turbans were first mentioned at the end of the fourteenth century, at the end of the Moorish occupation in Spain. The English name comes from Turband, tolibant or tulipant, all variations of the flower tulip, suggested by the design of the folds. The turban hat became particularly popular from 1960-1980, but I’ve seen many photographs of women from 1920-1960 also sporting this type of head dress.

Turban FashionI think this Marie-Claire magazine dates back to 1943, and it shows a variety of funky turban variations. These will definitely hide your bad hair day!

d91b68645364ba74777ece297b7fefeaHere’s an image from the 1970s where they’re definitely channeling the flapper era not only in the turban style, but in the make up.

Paul Poiret 1911What about this Fancy Dress Costume by Paul Poiret in 1911? This is definitely channeling Asian and Middle Eastern fashions. Mr. Poiret was the king of fashion in his time, and he definitely included turbans in his designs. I’ve read that the French designer was the one to popularize the turban in fashion in the twentieth century.

6a00d8341c2f0953ef01539183de6e970b-700wiObviously one would rarely find an occasion to wear such a fancy turban as Greta Gorbo above, when she played Mata Hari, but you can still find some vintage turbans that can be incorporated in to your classic look.

I created two treasury lists on Etsy. You can check them out and be inspired! 🙂 HERE and HERE. I may have added a couple that are pseudo-turbans, but still very lovely.

Another great thing about the turban is that you can create it out of your favourite scarf, which you already have at home! Here are 3 of my favourite tutorials to inspire:

  • At 2:15 LilithMoon does the turban style scarf. I definitely recommend the whole video. She’s great!

  • TheSyleUnderground has a cool turban look which you can accessorize with some flower clips.
  • SuperKawaiiMama has some amazing videos on scarf styling. Here’s one that includes a funky turban.

All of the images above can be found on my Pinterest, which links them to their designated sources.

I hope you guys check out my Etsy treasury lists and possibly incorporate the classic turban to your vintage look.




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