My Summer Beauty Essentials

It’s already mid-July and and the summer heat is no where near the end. In terms of beauty routines, I haven’t done too much to change, but I’ve been doing a few things differently. One, I hardly blow dry my hair, its curly naturally, and no straightening product in the world can help in the humid NY heat… maybe the permanent straightening via salon, but why would I give up the curls? I’ve been utilizing my bun helper and my scarves to get my hair out of the way. My top summer essentials help simplify the beauty routine. 🙂

keep it coolFlapper keeping it cool with a fan. Interestingly, I still see women with fans. Of course not as popular anymore, but still very feminine. You can find so many great ones online!


the vintage cat summer essentials

Rosewater Facial Spray

I use this stuff all over my body instead of a moisturizer or oil. The obvious reason being that the heat makes you sticky as it is, and applying something that will absorb and get pushed right back out, just adds to the yuk. Also, depending on the type of sunblock you use, you’re already getting some moisturizing from that. I spray it on after the shower, then just gently pat/rub in. You’ll smell great and your skin will feel lovely and soft.



If you think this is an obvious essential item for people of every skin tone, and I have no business mentioning it, you’d be surprised at how many people don’t use sunblock. Sunblock is important not only to protect you from cancer, but also from the ugly leathery skin that can be yours in just a few years. I’m not saying to over do it, one does need vitamin D, but sunblock on your face to prevent those wrinkles, is a must. I got this La Mer sample and I love it!


Dusting/Body Powder

I love rosy smells, so you shouldn’t be surprised to know that an essential body powder of mine is a rose scented one. Its great for the summer since it smells divine and it keeps you dry! I dust it wherever I think I need it and voila! perfectly dry and fragrant. The only thing I am concerned with is the ingredient list of the particular one I have. I would recommend looking for one that in more natural.



Summer of course is a time when some people (including myself) will continue to wear their favourite scents (my favourite is Coco Mademoiselle Chanel), even though they can be a bit strong for the heat. Lucky for me, I have a few other favourites, so I switch it up. I am a fan strong perfumes, whether they be musky or floral. In the summer, sticking to a milder perfume is best, though. My two top picks are Rose the One by D&G and Fleur de Corail by  L de Lolita Lempicka. But I would definitely recommend trying them on in a shop to see if they’re scents you like. There are so many amazing perfumes out there, finding your signature scent is the way to go!



Makeup Primer

The POREfessional by Benefit is fantastic. If you like mattified skin and less visible pores, the POREfessional is for you. One thing to note is that if you have combination skin or dry skin, it will show, so if you do use it, I recommend a regular face scrub and moisturize before application. I also use the Rimmel London face primer (which I am out of) as well as the New York Color Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer. The NYC primer is in shade 684, and I have never stumbled upon any other shades, but what it is basically is a white cream with tiny shimmers, so it really adds a glow to your complexion. One great thing about it is that its under $5, a bad thing about it is the ingredient list (not sure what most of those things are).


BB Cream

I know this craze has moved on to “CC Cream” now, but I picked up a Korean BB cream from my local Asian market, and its been really good to me. It has the maximum SPF of 42 (if you see something that’s SPF 100, its silly). My BB Cream is by Missha, in shade no. 23. I’ve seen it on Amazon, but I’ve read mixed reviews, such as the product being fake, which you definitely don’t want. There are many others, and I haven’t tried the popular brands, but from what I read, most of them are not real BB creams, but tinted moisturizers. All you have to do after priming your face is apply this stuff to either your whole face or as I do, in the problem areas. Then I powder with one of my favourite powders, and done. You don’t need any concealer afterwards, unless of course you have a volcano zit one your face (life eh?), then you might want to use a more full coverage product.


Setting Spray

Depending on the heat in your area, your makeup will look a certain way (eg. shiny or too dry and flaky). A setting spray can help the look get that finishing touch. I am currently using Kat Von D’s Lock & Load Makeup setting mist. Its ok, I am sure one can find another spray that works just as well. You can also use rosewater or other floral waters, for a more natural alternative. Once I use this bottle up, I think I will look in to other natural alternatives.


Cocoa Butter

In stick form. This stuff has been my best kept secret for years. I use it to moisturize my lips and face, help heal blemishes, etc. Its great to bring along with you in the heat, since it doesn’t melt like a regular chapstick. This is one thing from this list that I say go out and buy, because you won’t regret it.

What do you guys think, did I cover the summer essentials? Do you have any to add? I’d love to hear about it!



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