6 Best Vintage Shops on Etsy

I’m always raving about Etsy, you can find so many great things on there, people make some amazing hand-made stuff from all around the world. I do know of people who love ebay, and I like it for some things, just not clothes. I’ve only won 2 clothing bids, and both times I was a bit disappointed. A couple of my friends always raved about the amazing steals they found, maybe I need to look in to which ebay sellers have the goods that are truly steals. I haven’t seen a post on that yet, but I thought it would be helpful to list some of my favourite Etsy Vintage shops to introduce you to their amazing products. One thing I love about vintage is that the stock is always different, and you rarely find two of the same anything. You create a wardrobe that is truly unique. I will list the shops name and link, and my favourite piece in the shop currently.

lady with bags and cigphoto source: http://ow.ly/myWSv

I really enjoy the selection of dresses, separates, and shoes in this shop. The items are presented really well as well as detailed measurements and if there are any flaws of things to note. I know I’m always finding things I love, only to be disappointed with a lack of information about the garment.

This is one of my favourite items currently in the store. I love the dress details. The little triangle cut outs o the arm area and there the buttons are. The color and pattern is very lovely, as it’s described, it’s a watermelon green color!


50s Day Dress


This shop has a bit of everything from the 1940s-1980s. I stumbled upon it while searching for hats, and ended up saving it in my favourites. There’s a sale going on now, there are some great dresses and really cute hats.

My favourite item, though not a hat, is this novelty printed skirt, it has a print of a girl with lots of bright hats. I really like the pop of color because of the print and the belt on the waist. Such a great looking skirt!

il_570xN.474410835_plqe1950s Circle Skirt


Vintage gals need their vintage hair accessories, especially for our hair. This lovely shop’s specialty are hair combs from early to end of 20th century. The variety of the items is fantastic, especially their Spanish combs. I would love to get my hands on these! The shop also includes an image of how the item would be worn, which is really neat!

My favourite comb is this art deco era Spanish comb. Though the paint has faded a bit, it still has a lot of character. The colors are perfect to accessorize a little black dress, while wearing red lipstick and red nails.

il_570xN.399705100_id46Art Deco Hair Comb


If you like brooches, then this shop is one of the ones I’d look to first. The shop has some brooch and earring sets, as well as gorgeous and very original flower brooches from the mid-twentieth century. Bearing Marilyn’s name, I think this shop is a fantastic one to watch, since new items pop up.

This gorgeous blue and white brooch and earring set is perfect to accessorize a summer outfit! The clip earrings are so lovely, but can always be used in your hair instead (by adding a hair pin and securing to any hair style)! And instead you can wear little pearl earrings and matching necklace with the brooch attached to your sweater OR you can wear little diamond studs, since the brooch has a sparkly stone in the middle.

il_570xN.461399575_kmbfBlue and White Brooch/Earrings Set


If you like paper ephemera, you will LOVE this shop. I’ve never stumbled upon such a vast collection of cards, absolutely fantastic! I’d check it out. I actually got my hubby a card from the shop, and it was unused. There’s a mixture of used and unused, a bit pricey for a small card, but when you think of how long the card has been around, and the quality and condition… its worth it!

il_570xN.451057373_15xxArt Deco Die Cut Place Holder/Decoration


I am truly inspired by all the vintage gals who sew their own clothing. We have an old sewing machine in Ukraine, which I believe still works, I would love to get my hands on it, but until then, my mom has a modern one I can borrow. I’ve stumbled upon many sewing patterns of dresses/skirts/shirts/trousers, that I would love to own. I’ve searched for them online, and either they cost too much, or I don’t like the fabric pattern, or of course, the sizing is not right.

This shop has a mixture of vintage clothes and clothes that was created from sewing patterns. I think its great! Some of the fabrics used are a bit busy for my tastes, but you can find some really adorable, one of a kind pieces. My favourite item is this tangerine colored wiggle dress! The fabric used is some antique satin, and the little bows and the sweetheart neckline really make this dress unique.

il_570xN.474645148_j7oj1950’s Wiggle Dress


These are my favourite shops so far. Please check them out. Do you guys have any favourites? Please share so I can look in to them! 😉



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