The Vintage Vanity

I’ve had my shabby cheap vanity for some time, it was a gift my parents gave me after I kept leaving my make up around the house. Near every mirror, in the bathroom, in the hall, there would be: brushes, powders, eye shadows, creams, you name it! So having a designated area for all these items was a very good thing (it’s also much harder to misplace items).  I’ve learned that not all vanities are created equal, so here are some tips which I think are essential for shopping for a vanity. Also, what are the things to have to be a vintage glamour gal?



Sound a bit silly, I know! Storage of your vanity items can be the difference between a vanity that is a cluttered mess and a nice, clean vanity. Since I know I am moving soon (more on that in another post), I haven’t looked in to getting a gorgeous, vintage vanity. It doesn’t have to be antique or break the bank! It just needs to be practical, and hide your make up and accessories, in an organized manner. My vanity, is not one of those types. It’s simple, 2 levels, as you can see below:


My vanity is cluttered because I have loads of stuff that can be seen through the glass shelving. Even though this is what it looks like when I tidy it up. So one thing I definitely recommend is finding one that has drawers and hides the clutter. To the left there, I have a plastic drawer rolly thing I got from Staples, and the problem is that it’s also see through, and though I put things in there neatly, it still looks a bit busy.

Clutter Control

Now, if buying a whole new vanity is not an option, there are other ways to make it work. I bought a couple old vases to help store my make up brushes, and I also use a lovely teacup to store my eyeliners.

frameShareFileThey don’t take up too much space, and they make the vanity look a lot less cluttered, and a little bit more glamorous. If I had a regular vanity, I would have these two beauties on it, face primer, powder, and hair brushes, which would be on top to be seen, everything else, would be neatly tucked away in a designated drawer. I used to use the brush storage pouches as well as make up bags, but they ended up being stuffed with other junk and I found myself searching through a black hole of stuff, in the end I would just leave the brushes out, and create a mess.

I’ve found a bunch of other lovely vases such as the head vases and other vanity items, you check out on my Pinterest.


I have a little bin by my vanity, where all the products that I have finished go and whenever I do my eyeliner, I waste a lot of cotton swabs, while trying to achieve the perfect cat-eye. To further reduce the mess that occurs, I think its important to have a little bin by the vanity. The one I have, was found on the street during garbage day! Our neighbors down the street sold their house and were getting rid of a lot of great stuff, which they couldn’t bring along to their new place, so hooray for people who love second hand stuff! The woven basket-type of bin goes well with the decor for me, but you can definitely find a bin that you like and serve its purpose!

Vanity Items

There are of course your make up essentials such as primer, powder, etc. here are a few that you can find vintage and fabulous:

1. Brushes and hand mirror

il_570xN.400393568_caj8These are my lovely vintage hair brushes and hand mirror that I stumbled upon on etsy, and my hubby got for me. I thought they would be a perfect set for my vanity.  Some helpful search terms would be vanity brush set, vanity set, vintage brushes. If you’re looking for them at a fair or in a shop, check the brush bristles and make sure they’re not icky, so to speak. I would look it to cleaning them is warm water and mild soap after purchase, just to make them feel like your brushes.

2. Compacts

il_570xN.429204360_f5wcThese lovelies can be found HERE.

Though I haven’t invested in a powder compact just yet, I think they are lovely to have. You don’t need too many and they add a little something to your vanity. I like all the lovely designs there are out there, and ebay and etsy are filled with them! The ones pictured above are actually tea light holders (but I adore the swirly sea shell pattern), they were inspired by compacts, nonetheless, the web is swarming with compacts in all different price ranges!

3. Nail Care Items

My nail care accessories are all modern, but once I stuble upon a gorgeous vintage one that has all the items I need, I will definitely get one. Even if you don’t have a vintage one, a nail filer, cuticle pusher/stick, nail hardner ( I LOVE the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, my nails have never been stronger!), and a favourite polish/varnish, are all a must!

il_570xN.469842267_1rq1This gorgeous set can be found HERE. I’ve been eying it for some time, who knows, maybe I’ll snatch it up 😉

4. Trinket Boxes

Little boxes can be found in tin, cloth, plastic, silver, glass, etc. They can be used to store your hair pins and your most commonly worn jewelry, without looking too busy and cluttered. I always wanted to get one of those jewelry tree things, where you hang your necklaces, but then thought, aren’t I just adding to the clutter?

They can be found at fairs, antique shops, thrift stores, online via ebay or etsy.


Look at how lovely this tin box is? It’s with a hinged lid and would look lovely and store all you need!

It can be found HERE.

Looking forward to getting a vintage vanity, so I can replace the modern items for vintage ones! I hope this was an informative read, I always look forward to comments!




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