Top 5 Vintage Gal High Waist MUST Haves

With my wardrobe transitioning from some modern looks to more vintage and vintage inspired articles of clothing, I though it would be nice to do a series of Top 5 Vintage Gal ___ Must Haves. They will be season related, and will be all different things which I think are great to have. First up are high waisted items, so lets get started!


5. High Waist Knickers.

  • I’ve always felt like high waist knickers were super sexy, and with all the great faux lingerie brands (Kiss Me Deadly, Lucy B, Secrets in Lace, lot’s of Etsy shops, etc.) They smooth out the midsection and create a lovely silhouette. I’ve always been very self conscious about my tummy region, even when I was a size 2, but with high waist knickers, its all good! I look for ones that have a nice lacy insert in the tummy region or a lovely pattern, etc. It’s all about finding what you like. These knickers universally flatter, no matter your shape/size. If you’re in to high waisted shorts or trousers, and don’t want to layer on the Spanx and other shapewear (I love Rago Shapewear), especially on a hot summer day.


These are gorgeous Cabaret Panties from Kiss Me Deadly. They’re not too high waisted but in a good medium. I have a pair in this peach color. The color is exquisite, and the quality is fantastic! And how cool is the deco motif? 😉

4. High Waist Shorts.

  • You can pair them with any top, even a crop top, and it will look great! I have a lovely cream colored pair from Religion, that I stumbled upon in C21, and I adore them! High waist bottoms have made a big comeback and its easier to find in all sorts of clothing stores nowadays.


The shorts above, I’ve been eying for a while now, can be found Here. They’re such a lovely shade of pink!

3. High Waist Bathing Suit.

  • One pieces are cute and all, but on my figure, I’ve always felt like they made me look like I was back in elementary school. A great alternative is a high waist bathing suit. There are a lot of vintage inspired ones you can get your hands on, and for different price ranges. One great thing about a bathing suit, is even if its expensive, it will last you forever. I still have bathing suits from early 2000s, and if my behind and twins still fit in to them, I would still be wearing them!

scaled-330x440_auto-p-1343160536088This fantastic bathing suit by Kiss Me Deadly fits me almost like a one piece, and I have a long torso. It’s also a bit on the pricier side, but as I’ve said, you don’t need 10 pairs of bathing suits, you need at least one good one. Since it is summer time, I’ll be sure to do some searching and do a separate post on bathing suits for all sizes and price ranges.

2. High Waist Skirt.

  • A high waisted skirt, whether it’s a pencil, A line, circle, maxi, etc. They’re all according to preference, but I think its important to have at least one high waisted skit. I was always a trousers/jeans kind of girl, and had dresses for special occasions. Skirts were never too big with me, until fairly recently. I find myself wanting to wear skirts more and more! They’re fun and free, and there are so many vintage ones out there!


Lovely ones such as this one from FabGabs on Etsy. Its not too over the top, its from the 50s, and how cute does it look paired with a bustier and a pair of black pumps? I say really cute and classy! The high waist creates a lovely feminine form and its super comfy!

1. High Waist Romper

  • One main thing I love about rompers is that they are so easy to wear, its a one piece miracle on those days when you have no clue what to wear. They’re also very cute, and if you look for silk or cotton, or other breathable materials, threy’re best for the summer. I have a few, a couple for the beach, and 2 trouser ones for special occasions, and one with long sleeves for a chilly summer evening. il_570xN.470432266_g2uuThis cute romper by is Dated Brooklyn on Etsy. As you can see it’s high waist, though missing a belt, it would be very easy to pair this piece with a nice belt, color depending on what accessories you’ll have. So easy and very vintage!

On a side note, I went through my ridiculous closet, trying to get rid of the clothes I’ve been unwilling to let go of. This includes jeans which I collected working in a clothing store in Soho, during my senior year of H.S., dressy tops, which I’ve worn once, dresses which won’t close, shoes which are too small.The clothes that I’ve held on to, I’ve realized, are all lovely, but it no longer fit me. At first, I held on to them when I began working out, hoping I will get back to the size these items are, I’ve even bought tops as recently as a few months ago, in size small.

I am not a size small normally. I am in denial! They fit, but I look ridiculous in some of them. My most recent vintage style purchase from PUG Clothing, was their vamp top, I got it in small, according to the reviews and the size chart, but I think I should’ve gotten a Medium. This is definitely my only negative experience with online shopping, its a fine line between fitting in to something, when you base your choice of size according to size chart vs the description/reviews. And when you buy vintage, its like the saddest thing, when you find the perfect skirt or dress, and the measurements almost all match, but like the waist will be 2 in. too small… heartbreaking!

I vow now, I will no longer buy clothes that are not my size, and this includes shoes, if they’re a bit snug, no thank you! They are not worth the pain later. So how did I get off on this tangent? 😉 But there you have you have it, the top 5 high waist items I think are pieces that every girl who’s interested in vintage should get her hands on! Some of these things you probably already have! I hope you enjoyed reading!



    • Great! Let me know if you like them! I’m a huge fan of Kiss Me Deadly, pricey of course but the quality is great.

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