Vintage Stratton Lipview Has Arrived!

I was so happy to hear the gate clank as the mailwoman delivered the mail this afternoon. I’ve won a bid last week on this lovely Stratton Lipview, or as I call them, lipstick holders, I spoke about my other recent ones Here.

IMG_3762I was especially excited since this one is actually in its original packaging as well as made in England. My previous ones all just said Japan, and no brand names. I will be conducting some more research on them, and with this lovely holder, I am a step closer to it.










The modern lipsticks have definitely increased in size. As you can see a MAC lipstick pokes out from both ends of the lipstick. The Besame lipstick is still the best option when using these holders since its an ideal size. I definitely look forward to getting a few more of these and grow my collection. I’ve said it before, its such a lovely accessory to have, and it doesn’t take up much space, and looks so classic!



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