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Hi everyone!

I’ve gone on a spree of little purchases these past couple of weeks. My excuse is that I graduated and these vintage items are my rewards 😉

All the purchases came from EbayEtsy and Ruby Lane. Also a couple of little things I stumbled upon with my hubby at the Brooklyn Flea Market in Fort Greene. I really enjoyed going to the market, except the weather when we went was humid and so hot! I thought I was going to pass out at some point. Also, I was a bit sad that I didn’t find much there, we found a postcard of the New York World Fair and a handkerchief. Though there was a lady with the most gorgeous art deco purses (they were in near perfect condition, prices ranging from mid 100 to almost 300 dollars), I would have loved one of them, but the price at this point would really break the bank.


I heard about Ruby Lane through my coworker, and did hear that it was a bit pricey (My coworker is a huge on estate sales/thrift events, and always finds a great deal). I of course am a serial browser, and while browsing through the site, I stumbled upon a shop called Vanity Flair Vintage. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular that day, and my searches usually lead me to something specific, such as scarves in this case. I could not believe what I found! A lot of 10 vintage scarves, all in good condition. I recently bought a nylon reproduction scarf from Pinup Girl Clothing, and absolutely loved it. When comparing the nylon scarves which I got and the reproduction, Its hard to tell the difference in terms of the quality, so the reproduction is a very accurate one! Now, for the lot of 10, I paid the same amount as I did for one reproduction. I think I got a deal! They don’t have any odors or runs or anything else, I got lucky!


These are the 5 scarves that are exactly the same as the Illegal Leopard scarves from Pinup Girl Clothing. They are absolutely lovely colors!


This salad green and white polka dot scarf was what caught my attention to the listing, can’t wait to wear it!


These are a bit of a mix of colors and patterns. They’re not square as the nylon ones are, but a rectangular shape, and still very wearable with anything.


This yellow one is just adorable! It’s simple and so versatile! I can either tie it as a scarf or use it to dress up a ponytail!

How cute are these scarves?! They came from this shop on Ruby Lane:


Then I went on to decide that I will now be collecting lipstick holders, and won 3 off Ebay, one of which is still on its way, and is in its original packaging, so I’ll be making a separate post for it. The one my hubby got me and the 2 below were all made in Japan, with no specific brand name.


This lipstick holder reminds me of a horizon in outer space.


This one has a Victorian feel to it, with a couple of silhouettes.

Both of them say “JAPAN” as the one my hubby got for me. They are in wonderful condition, and I still have yet to do more research on these lipstick holders, but I find it very interesting that  they are not that popular with modern vintage lovers. I could definitely see someone like Dita Von Teese whipping out a lovely lipstcik holder from her purse to touch up her red pout.

I’ve mentioned before, but will reiterate, I love silk! So when I stumbled upon this skirt on Etsy, I couldn’t resist!


Its from this shop:


Lastly, this Saturday afternoon, my hubby and I ventured in to Williamsburg Brooklyn and checked out a local book shop (eek! I don’t recall its name, but will add it when I find out). And my hubby picked up this set for me:

The Vintage Cat Blog

I will be doing some history posts based on these books and the lovely pin ups. I love the art of the different times, and though these “pin-up magazines” were really like porn mags, I think they were artfully and tastefully done. Same I think goes for pin-up calendars and posters. They were beautiful works of art, and not just dirty images.

 I hope you all enjoyed this post, I look forward to posting lots more in this upcoming week! 🙂

The Vintage Cat




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