My Red Lipsticks


I love my make up, and was always a fan of lipstick, though I didn’t wear it that much. In my repertoire, there are over 20 lipsticks, drugstore and fancy shmancy brand name ones. I wanted to go through my red lipsticks, of which I have 7, just for fun. Most of my lipsticks are pink, and I found something very interesting, to better understand, here are the swatches:

red lipstcik swatches

From left to right:

GOSH in Burgundy (154);

Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipstick in Lush Red;

Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate (01);

Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate (12);

Milani in Mango Mambo (23);

Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate (110);

Christian Dior Rouge Dior in Favori Red (752).

There is a definite trend towards Rimmel for me for two reasons, they smell great and I love their colors. I have a few other shades from them and their price is very reasonable. The trend I mentioned above is right in the picture, and I couldn’t believe it: though 7 lipsticks are swatched, 2 sets of the are basically the same colors.

GOSH in Burgundy (154) + Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipstick in Lush Red

These two are both a lovely burgundy. I actually was disappointed with the Gosh lipstick color, I loved its creamy nature, I just disliked the color. As for the Elizabeth Arden lipstick I loved the color and the finish. Now I can say that they are pretty much the same lipstick.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate (12) + Milani in Mango Mambo(23)

These two lipsticks are in the same boat with the two above, very similar. They both have smells, and I do like the scents, but the Milani one can be a bit overpowering.

My favourite of these 7 is the Christian Dior, I think its the perfect red. When I bought it, I got their universal lip liner, which is basically clear, which I sometimes use. I will be looking in to maybe trying out the Mac red lipsticks in the near future, but I am open to discovering vibrant shades of red, that might not be in the limelight of celebrities.




  1. Great colours! Have you tried any of the revlons? My favourites are Fire & Ice (which has been around since the 50s) and Really Red – which is matte and seriously stays on all day. I had Ruby Woo from MAC which is almost the same colour as Really Red, but couldn’t stand wearing it as it’s so dry. Really Red, while Matte, still goes on creamy and isn’t drying. I just love it.

    I love seeing what everyones favourite reds are.

    • Thank you! Oh yes I think I read something about Fire & Ice, I have yet to try it. I like the sound of matte lipstick, I think its my preferred finish, but the problem, as you mentioned, is the dryness. I will definitely look in to these two shades, you could never have too much red in the lipstick repertoire. 😉

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