The Vintage Cat Update

Happy Sunday!

My graduation is this upcoming week! Really looking forward to it! I’ve already lined up my outfit, which I will post soon, it will consist of the lovely Bettie Page skirt I posted previously and this lovely silk shirt I got from Etsy. As for shoes, I have a lovely pair or small wedge, black patent leather sandals from Nine West, which accent on the black outline of the shirt. My hair has experienced some trauma, since I posted last about my hair, I went on to trying to achieve the pastel purple look, and unluckily ran out of hair dye mid-process, panicked, went to buy a different brand and color, and ended up with a patchy head or lilac, purple, blonde, pink, and yellow hair. I tried the Vitamin C method and the shampoo bleaching to get the color out, and now have a very light pinkish-peachy head of hair. NEVER AGAIN will I experiment with hair color without going to the hair salon. Bleaching to light blonde, yes, coloring random colors, definite no. I guess my main issue was that even though I applied the color evenly, the end result was not even at all. And this is me trying to put a scarf to conceal the patchiness! I’ve already used the Vitamin C method twice when this picture was taken:


My widow’s peak is super prominent here. Also, the hair color does look pretty in the picture, but trust me, in real life, patchy horror show!

Here’s a webcam photo:


Anyhow, I am hoping to bleach it back to blonde before this upcoming Thursday, and still want to get the ombré hair coloring, so I don’t have to bleach my roots anymore, but as I’ve mentioned before, I think I will let professionals do the coloring.

Has anyone else experience patchy hair coloring results? Please share your stories below!

The Vintage Cat



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