RESULTS: Pastel Hair

Hi everyone!

Its been a busy week for me, exams and trying to finish my last semester with a BANG! I wanted to post an update of how my hair came out after my first time of attempting to do a pastel hair color.


Things I used for the coloring:

1. old tshirt

2. coloring gloves

3. container to mix dye

4. coloring brush

5. hair dye

6. lots of Conditioner

7.ย  rat tail comb

8. hair clips

9. plastic bag or a one time use shower cap

Now as I’ve mentioned before, I am not a professional and if you refer to my previous post, you’ll see what I mean. Also, my results for this coloring can tell you, I took a chance, and the results are what I call “Meh” results, but before I get there, here’s what happened:

I used PRAVANA ChromaSilk Vivids is blue.

ย IMG_3630

I haven’t touched up my roots since late march, and this is my hair before (please note: old t shirt I got years ago from donating blood):


I thoroughly brushed my hair, and separated it in to sections to make it easier to color. Then I mixed the goods together:


I really wanted to use up my big sexy hair conditioner, so I poured it all in to the glass container, and since its not one of my favourite conditioners (it does nothing basically), I added this amazing conditioner:


Of course I didn’t add too much since its pricey and makes my bathtub really slippery.


Here I added the hair color, and I think I used to little.


This is what it looked like after very thorough mixing. If you don’t mix it, you will get patchy color.


Ta-Da! All colored. After this picture, I wrapped my head in a plastic bag, keeps the color in one place, and helps the process. As I mentioned a cheap little shower cap can also be used.

I waited and hour and a half for the color to get in there, and in the meantime did some reading and applied a face mask to further pamper. myself ๐Ÿ˜‰

After washing off the color, I shampooed and conditioned and blow dried my hair.


As you can see, I got patchy color! Also, hardly any color on the outer parts of my hair. I did get a lovely min shade in the inner parts of my hair, so when I put it up in a pony tail, it looks really cool. In the daylight, I would say its hardly noticeable.

Things I can take away from this experience, for one, I think I need to figure out why the color is patchy. I do notice when I use blue shampoo, these same regions turn lighter, and the others stay the same. I think I should use more dye, since it will wash out in a few washes, if it comes out darker the first time around, its no big deal. I could also double process it, as this is a semi-permanent dye, and is as bad as hair straightening. Also, I read if you use dish washing liquid, it helps get rid of the color faster. Lastly, I think I will do pastel lilac/purple later in the month, and maybe the results will be better. For now, I will be the patchy minty lady.

IMG_3652If anyone has any advice on how to resolve my patchy situation, please let me know!

The Vintage Cat




  1. The patchy result has to do with the porosity of your hair. Some areas are more porous & take the color differently, even along the same strand of hair.
    Before you apply your color, try evening the porosity with a protein filler (or even a good spray type leave-in conditioner.)
    When I bleach my hair, I wash & then use a deep conditioner with protein, leave for about 3-5 mins & rinse, and THEN I tone my hair, rinse it (not shampoo) & condition again. Sometimes bleached hair is so depleted, that there’s nothing for the color to grab on to. This cannot be “fixed”, only compensated for. You’ll have to re-do the filler & color every few weeks -even between root touch ups- because the color you’re adding will fade very very fast. Best of luck!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Cara!

      I had no idea that hair porosity could effect my hair coloring. The patchiness is ridiculous! I’m back to blonde now, I haven’t toned it yet, but regularly use blue shampoo, and it appears even. I’ll look in to a protein filler for my future hair endeavors, in the meantime my hair needs a little break from all the chemicals. Thanks so much for this info! ๐Ÿ™‚


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