My hubby and I went to the Betty Page clothing store in NY yesterday, and picked up this lovely skirt!


Though it says its an “Autumn” skirt, I am definitely wearing it this Spring and Summer. The colors are perfect! I love the quality and the price was too sweet, I couldn’t believe it! For $30! I thought it was a must-have, and my sweet hubby got it for me. ❤

I did want to diverge and rant a little. Yesterday was a VERY warm day in NY, and I was wearing a cotton dress, and was dying in it, of course the fact that it was black didn’t help. I couldn’t imagine wearing polyester or any other artificial fabric. I say this because when I was trying on the skirt in the shop, I grabbed a lovely top too, and as soon as I put it on, I felt like I was melting. I know that poly is cheap and versatile, but does every cute shirt and dress in the world have to be made of it?! No, that’s why I’m trying to buy out all the silk off Etsy, including scarves, shirts, dresses.

That’s all!

P.S. The pink haired pin up who helped me, Christina, was so nice. Overall, I had a great shopping experience in the store, and really look forward to go back, and focus on cotton, and other breathable fabrics.

The Vintage Cat



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