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Hi everyone!

I wanted to discuss hair.

Now, I’ve always had this itch to dye my hair. I got highlights in my dirty blonde hair when I was about 14. I felt great! Then later that year, I convinced myself, and my mom, that I needed auburn hair (which she did for me). What a crazy disaster that was. Then, after painstakingly, and with many trips to the hair salon, I got my highlights back.

At 17, I wanted brown hair, so I bought a box dye, and got really dark brown locks, and with my paleness, I looked scary. Also, at the time, though I was using make up, I didn’t do my brows the same, etc. Back to blonde, and at 18, I cut my hair off in to a bob, and until almost 2 years ago, I had short hair. I think most girls went through that. When I decided to grow out my hair, I played around with rinse out hair colors, after my former hairstylist (who was brilliant at what he did, just didn’t take my opinions, he just did my hair how he wanted), double processed my hair, but first doing highlights, then putting bleach all over my hair… and didn’t use a toner after, a bit brassy, it was. The rinse outs, one was a reddish-auburn, which I used most often, the other blackish-blue.

Half a year later, after watching loads of youtube videos, I took matters in my own hands, and began bleaching my own hair. So far its been quite successful. I am certainly not a hair professional, I’ve seen the horror stories unfold via youtube, and I’ve read the angry rants of hair professionals. Yes, if you have second thoughts and are not sure about what you are doing, definitely go to a salon. The blue bleach I use is from Sally Beauty Supply.

bleachfound here

My hair takes color very well, so I usually leave it on for 22 minutes (since I bleached my whole head, I only touch up the roots, if you go over your hair that was already bleached, it will break, trust me.) Then I rinse, let the hair dry, then put Manic Panic Virgin Snow.

manic panic

found here

When I rinse it out, I wash my hair with a blue shampoo(such as Clairol Shimmer Lights). Which definitely makes my hair feel softer. Then condition with whatever I have around.

Now I am looking at first trying out some pastel colors, then doing an Ombré (which mine would be reverse, since I have the light base). I would like my roots to half the head dark in to a light color. I might go to a salon for that, but not too sure yet.

As for pastel, I am going to do Mint Green. I was really inspired by this tutorial by BrittanyBalyn. And I will try to follow her directions, and hope for the best!  I also wanted to try lilac, but I think I will wait for the results of the mint green.

I ordered the color for the mint green a couple of days ago via Amazon, and it will be arriving sometime next week. As Brittany says in her tutorial, if you have bleached hair and its not a perfect white blonde, and has slight yellow undertones, its best to use blue hair color instead of green because it will be greenish yellow, not exactly mint green. The dye is semi permanent and should fade after a few washes (Pravana Hair Color Vivid in Blue).

So I will definitely be posting up pictures of the process and the results. Wish me luck!

The Vintage Cat



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