May Vintage Outfit

Hi everyone!

Can’t believe it’s May already! The birds are chirping more than ever, my neighbors’ cats (10+) are contributing to the noise, and I am looking forward to taking a walk on my day off from college/work! But before I do, I curated another outfit, thanks to Etsy.Vintage Outfit 2

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Now, the colors I chose are whites-creams-yellows, and I believe it would look wonderful of someone with darker hair. The lovely dress has a gorgeous wave pattern that remind me of fish scales, so when I found the nautical round earrings, I was very excited. I threw in the cream and yellow polka dot silk scarf to use in the hair. As for the shoes and purse, the lovely woven purse and the peep toes with that very geometric outline really complete this look. The most expensive piece in this outfit is the dress ($49) and the silk scarf is the lowest price ($8).

I hope this outfit inspires all of you to throw a vintage flair to your modern wardrobe.

Have a gorgeous Wednesday everyone!


The Vintage Cat


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