Vintage Buys

Saturday night post time!

I couldn’t wait to share my latest vintage goodies with you guys.

Hubby and I go to Housing Works very often, and we always find something, whether it be housewares, clothing, accessories, books, etc. Last week we went to the one near us, in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and I was so excited to find loads of vintage marked items! If the clothing items were my size, I would have definitely bought them up. But these were hats that looked like they were from the 50s and some lovely jackets… I am going to try to pay a visit there again soon, since they’re always putting out one of a kind things.

As I was browsing around, I noticed a basket full of clearance purses and bags, and BAM! I found this gem:

my vintage find

It was $5! The inside label is marked “Milor Made in China” and the magnetic snap closure has US and UK patent numbers; there’s also a patent sticker below the snap closure, which makes me think this purse was never even used. The back of the purse is also delicately beaded with the bronze-gold beads you see at the top. I did some searching, and all I could find were either belts under this brand that are similarly beaded on ebay, which didn’t really give me the age of the bag. I don’t think its old at all, but from the company name, I found a company Speyer Milor, which formed in 1984, but produced belts (as my search kept bringing me to). Who knows, maybe it made bags too. Either way, this bag is quality, and I can’t wait to wear it somewhere!

Next up is my one month wedding anniversary present from my hubby,


This gorgeous lipstick holder is from Etsy. The only marking on it is a little engraving that says “Japan” near the snap to get to the mirror. I was eying this case and showed it to my hubby, and was pleasantly surprised he had remembered it. He’s always getting me little things here and there that are old and beautiful! I’ve never seen anyone have a lipstick holder, and it makes me feel like a fancy lady from the mid 20th century. In the picture, I had my Kate Moss edition Rimmel London Lipstick, it fit right in, I was sad that my Besame Lipstick was too narrow to fit, but I will try adjusting the case, and see. I think its a wonderful accessory to have in your purse, it doesn’t take up as much room as a mirror, and its attached to your lipstick, when you find one, you find the other. 😉

Here are some links to other lipstick holders on Etsy:

The first two have a similar look to mine, just with green instead of blue, and the other two are very pretty and girly. I am sure there are some on ebay as well.

These are my latest goodies, I hope you enjoyed hearing about them, and seriously I should be writing my thesis!

The Vintage Cat



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